Movie Review: The Wasted Times (Cmovie, 2016)

One of my favorite Chinese movies, The Wasted Times, is now on Viki so I had to review it. I watched this last year during a trip to China and was really drawn in to the story as well as the incredible cinematography so I was eager to watch it again. It’s a dark drama about a Chinese mob boss and a Japanese national, which starts just before the Japanese invasion of Shanghai through to the end of the Sino-Japanese War, and stars Ge You (To Live) and Tadanobu Asano (Thor: Ragnarok).

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New dramas airing: Gong Jun’s Alien Exploration, Zhao Zhi Wei’s Take Your Mark, The Flowers and Distant Place

Endless supply of dramas.

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Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

Aww. This upcoming variety show, The Greatest Love, is gonna make me cry. It has invited six pairs of celebrity-parent to stir up some parental love this winter. And I’m in total agreement about the sentiment. No matter how much money you spend and how much love you shower your parents with, nothing will ever measure up to the time and effort and love your parents gave and will give for the rest of their lifetime. Some of us are very lucky to have both parents involved in our life, and some of us, like myself, have the greatest single parent in the whole world. Then there’s a special group of people who gets to bond and build a family of their own. Parents get older and weaker, let’s show them the love.

Sending a collective hug towards one of our members, Miss Keane, who is struggling by her mom’s side. ♥♥♥

**ADDED 10-PREVIEW*** The cast is attending a press conference today too 1/19.

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 10) and Run For Time (Finale)

Didn’t expect Run for Time to end so quickly. Ady An and Meng Ge Ge (actor Joe Xu Hai Qiao) co-starred in this episode as people from the past.

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Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

I would like to get back to writing news. Lol. I apologize in advance for slowing down people’s computers for this picture-heavy post. No self-control —> me. 98% of the men wear bow-ties but I do like that Chinese Actresses always bring the colors! =D I’ll be ripping some fancams so do check out the comment section. ^^

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 7) and Run For Time (Ep. 6)

Interesting tidbit: the ancient setting and costumes in each episode is created by Yumama. Cool. Ella Chen is featured in both shows at the same time. Ha!

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