Love is Sweet with Bai Lu, Luo Yun Xi, and Xiao Yan is set to air soon

Bai Lu to romance Luo Yun Xi in the novel-to-drama adaptation called Love Is Sweet (半是蜜糖半是伤). She plays a young, idealistic woman who holds a master’s degree in both economics and psychology and is a little sensitive to tears. After her father’s death, she enters an investment banking company to follow his wishes and that is where she’s reunited with her childhood-friend-now-Deputy-general-manager played by Luo Yuo Xi. While she’s happy to see him, she finds him a changed person, now opposing her at every corner, and known for his poisonous tongue. I’m reading some comments from novel readers and it looks like HE is in love with HER, but she likes someone else, so he conspires to break them apart. Will she forgive him? The English title of the drama is misleading too, as the literal translation is Half is Honey, Half Hurt/Pain. They forgot the other half. Lol.

The two female leads from The Legends reunited once more!

The novel is available to read at NovelUpdates.

UPDATES: Not airing today… Lol….

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Cdrama Updates: Love is Fate, The Love By Hypnotic, The Promise Keepers, A Little Thing Called First Love

More dramas to air in October!

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Cdrama Updates: The Oath of Love, Love and Redemption, Nine Kilometers of Love, You Are My Answer, Waiting For You In The Future

Quite a few modern dramas coming out this week and the last. The list keeps growing!

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Drama Updates: Sniper, My Roommate is a Detective, And the Winner is Love, The Chang’An Youth

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Drama Updates: White Snake Legend, Jue Shi Qian Jin, The Legend of Hao Lan, Hai Tang Jing, The Wrath of Time Yu Yan Zhi Tou

Photobucket hasn’t been working for me this week, so I can only post video-related promotions!

Happy Friday!

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Wang Yi Bo and Chen Yu Qi lead fantasy drama Private Shu Shan College

Oh, lookie, Tang Yan’s baby chick leading a drama. She was the princess in Princess Wei Young. Wang Yi Bo and Chen Yu Qi will lead a fantasy modern drama called Private Shu Shan College (私立蜀山学园), joined by young actors Wang Yi Lun (Long For You), Pei Zi Tian (Sunshine In Me), Chai Wei, and flanked by professors from TVB – Joe Ma, Benny Chan, and Michael Miu. I kid you not, they look like Hogwarts professors. XD

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Fluffy romance in Attention Love with Joanne Tseng and Wang Zi

How’s Taiwanese dramaland doing these days? Any good ones? The upcoming modern youth drama, Attention Love (稍息立正我爱你) reunites Ti Amo Chocolate‘s costars Joanne Tseng and Wang Zi as the main OTP. They were betrothed to each other as babies and Wang Zi plays a broody boy returning back to Taiwan after living in Japan. With his father’s death, he goes and lives with Joanne’s family and attends the same high school as her. She’s a somewhat of a badass leader at school, known affectionately as Zhong Ge (Zhong big brother). Second lead couple goes to Spexial’s Riley Wang Yi Lun (Long For You) and Guo Shu Yao (The Teenage Pyschic). I haven’t seen much of the leads’ acting to give a statement but the trailer looks quite cute and harmless.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (51)

Long overdue! I think this one is smaller cause my brain forgets what I just read really fast these days. Lol.

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