CMovie Updates: Legend of Demon Cat, Growing Pains, Youth, Love Is A Broadway Hit

Sailor Moon! Oh man…. this brings back memories. Lol. A lot of updates for movies from new stills to new teasers/songs; a huge chunk taken from the next news batch and some you might have seen on AVV twitter as I battled against site issues!

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Best Friends Goals: Lin Geng Xin, Wang Li Kun, Mark Zhao, and Gao Yuan Yuan in Japan?

Hee! What a development! It’s public knowledge that Lin Geng Xin and Mark Zhao are best buddies in real life and he has tagged along with Mark and wifey Gao Yuan Yuan on many vacation trips before, but it looks like he isn’t traveling alone anymore! A month or so ago, he was caught with actress Wang Li Kun hanging out, and today, fans uploaded pictures of Mark and his wife in Japan (he maybe is shooting a CF). Right next to the snuggling couple, fans reported Lin Geng Xin and Wang Li Kun were under a separate umbrella ~There was no direct face shots but leave it to investigative fans and clues to lead you right along. LOL. Cnetizens are hilarious.

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Luo Jin’s Drama Updates: Return to college days in The Way We Were and My Story For You

No one is luckier than Luo Jin these days, he gets to work with real life girlfriend Tang Yan (5th time!) in The Way We Were after collaborating with humbling bee Zheng Shuang in My Story For You, both dramas feature the beautiful college days, one overseas and one back in 90s China.

UPDATE: Trailers for the other two unaired dramas: The Gods and modern drama Love’s Lies.

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Love Bug Report: Lin Geng Xin caught on a date with Wang Li Kun

LOL! If this is true, Li Ying is now really the matchmaker!

Still waiting to see what both parties will say but paps have caught Lin Geng Xin and Wang Li Kun going to dinner together in Shanghai and going back to Lin’s place, but she leaves for the airport later alone. The last time I saw these two together, they were guests on Run Brothers. Recently, they collaborated in movie Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back where Lin is the Monkey King and Wang is the spider demon. Personally, I think it’s just a friendly dinner date between friends, looks like their assistants were there too. Plus, Lin’s past rumored girlfriends were mostly hot young girls of the internet (he never clarifies any of the rumors). Lol. Wang is more mature and womanly (this is a compliment).

They are trending at #2 on weibo right now. XD

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Winners for Magnolia Awards 2017 at 23rd Shanghai TV Festival

Translated the winners list! Will add pictures tomorrow cause I’m too exhausted. *panda eyes*

Congratulations to all the winners! All the non-idol dramas on the list of course.

UPDATE (6/18): Added pictures!

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Yang Yang’s News Updates: Martial Universe, Once Upon A Time

Since the man is involved in both projects, might as well combine it into one. Heh. I love grouping. 🙂 One is the movie version of novel Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom called Once Upon A Time, the other is Martial Universe, a drama he’s still filming with Wang Li Kun and Zhang Tian Ai.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (52)

Happy Friday! =D I need to publish or else I will keep adding news!

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New Promos: Martial Universe, Perfume Woman, Duckweed

New promotional materials!

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