Filming has wrapped: The Legend of Shen Li, Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong, Chang Feng Du, The Demon Hunter’s Romance

I had to stop adding because every day, a new drama wraps up filming. 🤭

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First Posters with Yang Mi and Gong Jun in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong (狐妖小红娘月红篇) is adapted from the manhua written by Tuo Xiao Xin. It follows the epic romance between the fox tribe and the human race. Yang Mi plays eldest sister, Tu Shan Hong Hong, considered the most powerful fox spirit; her romance begins when she saves Dong Fang Yue Chu (Gong Jun), a talented Daoist from a special (human) bloodline when he was pursued by bad people.

Filming already began at the end of June. =D

There’s an anime version as well which began airing in 2015. There is a playlist on youtube with English Sub if you’re interested.

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Gong Jun and Qiao Xin clash emotionally in Dream Garden

Well, well, well. Joining the team of psychologists who are running amok (Yang Zi in Psychologist, Zhao Li Ying in Who is the Murderer) in cdramaland is Gong Jun in Dream Garden (沉睡花园). Lol. Our heroine is a popular blogger who gives out relationship advice to her readers. Hoping to improve her ability to analyze emotional problems, she applies to be an assistant to a psychologist (our hero), the same man who irritated her in a prior encounter.

Airing 12/13~

Viki will be subbing this drama!

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Wang Zi Xuan caught between Gong Jun and Zhou Cheng Ao in Shining Like You

Shining Like You (而你刚好发光) was filmed in 2017 and has been shelved since then… Gong Jun ah, how many dramas did you film before Word of Honor? He looks like a baby here! Lol.

The story from WeTV: “A good student Lu Qiyi (played by Wang Zixuan) forged an admission notice and deceived her parents from entering Southern University of Arts. Unexpectedly, the student of culture class soon became a wonderful work in art academies. Lu Qiyi, who is introverted and bad at expressing himself, has started a difficult upgrade to fight monsters at this art academy. However, the sincere and kind-hearted Lu Qiyi is also favored by the two male gods Fang Yan (played by Gong Jun) and Du Ang (played by Zhou Chengao). Fang Yan, who had never met Lu Qiyi in the art test, seemed to like this brave and aggressive girl more and more…”

Airing 10/11~

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Dilireba, Gong Jun, and Liu Yu Ning begin filming for historical drama The Legend of An Le

The Legend of An Le (安乐传) is adapted from the novel written by Xing Ling. The story follows our heroine, the sole survivor of her family – the Di Clan. Her family was accused of treason and was beheaded, forcing our heroine on the path of vengeance to the very end. She changes her name and dons a mask and slithers her way into the palace, meeting the empathetic Crown Prince, our male lead. She falls for him and struggles between her oath of revenge and her familial duty to her deceased family. While he feels guilty about what happened to her family 10 years ago, he vows to protect her at all costs.

Lol. The cast for The Long Ballad is following each other to their next drama? 😛

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Cold and disciplined Gong Jun meets sunshiny Zhang Hui Wen in The Flaming Heart

Hope you didn’t miss Gong Jun too much cause he’s back on the small screen with new modern drama The Flaming Heart (你好,火焰蓝) with Zhang Hui Wen, Zhou Yan Chen, Wang Zi Wei, and Pang Han Chen. Its a romance between a disciplined fire fighter and kind, “sunshiny” doctor. Seems like this year’s theme in dramaland goes parallel with the global pandemic, highlighting the various critical jobs in time of disasters/hardships.

Airing 7/8~

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Gong Jun’s popularity helps his old 2017 drama Fantasy Westward Journey with Chen Yao off the shelf!

My last post on this drama was indeed in 2017. Lol.

Fantasy Westward Journey (指尖少年) is based on the game inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West starring Chen Yao and Gong Jun as the main leads. It follows a group of game experts as they encounter a bug and get embroiled in a crisis overlapping the virtual and reality world.

Airing 4/22~

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Cdrama Updates: Youku’s 2021 Press Conference, Cang Lan Jue, The Flaming Heart, The Psychologist, The Story of Xing Fu

A lot of Youku dramas showcased their trailers at the annual press conference!

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