Love Is All with Zhang Ruo Nan and Zhang Hao Wei to air

Love Is All (师爷请自重) is an ancient romcom based on the novel written by a familiar name in Jiu Xiao Qi (My Mr. Mermaid, Skate Into Love) starring Zhang Ruo Nan (Cry Me a Sad River) and Zhang Hao Wei (Joy Of Life). She is a quirky, wealthy miss who frequently quarrels with the county magistrate, our main guy. Using their brains, the two team up to solve cases. Hmm, that is the shortest baidu synopsis I have seen in a while. The author has written quite a lot of light-hearted comedies which mostly translated well onscreen with positive reception. Hoping this is the same!

Airing on 4/25!

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First Impression: What do you think of Skate Into Love with Wu Qian and Zhang Xin Cheng?

Adapted from the novel Rock Sugar And Pear Stew written by Jiu Xiao Qi, Skate Into Love features an adorable romance between two people who are fated to meet again chasing after their dreams on ice. When they were little, our heroine constantly teased our timid and quiet hero. They meet again during college and the table has turned. He’s now a popular hockey player while she’s bumbling along. He’s on a mission for payback but proximity to her sparks a different kind of feeling and in return, he helps her discover her passion for speed-skating again.

Airing 3/19! This looks wicked adorable and I have faith in the leads!

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New Promos: The Legend of Dugu, Oh My General, Let’s Shake It ET, See You Again

A mini-batch posts to catch up with other dramaland projects. The world keeps on spinning while you guys follow your crack drama. Lol.

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Sweet and Adorable Stills of Tan Song Yun’s My Mr. Mermaid

If you need more Tan Song Yun (The Fox’s Summer) and her cute fashion sense, check out her modern drama, My Mr. Mermaid (浪花一朵朵) on HunanTV this summer. Surrounded by sporty and athletic boys of the pool club, won’t you need a fan to cool off?

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (51)

Long overdue! I think this one is smaller cause my brain forgets what I just read really fast these days. Lol.

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Xiong Zi Qi rescues Tan Song Yun in My Mr. Mermaid

Perfect timed to the theme of love for 2/14, the production of My Mr. Mermaid (浪花一朵朵) starring SpeXial’s Dylan Xiong Zi Qi and Tang Song Yun, releases some sweet OTP stills and a brief preview, showing our heroine being rescued by the hero. The modern drama slotted for this summer is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Jiu Xiao Qi. Plenty of pretty to go around as the youngins take it off to backstroke in the pools. 😉

Summer, come faster ~

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Tan Song Yun’s My Mr. Mermaid lines up Handsome Swimmers

HOHOHO! I believe that in an actress’ career, she should play in her own harem at least once and this looks like the case for up-and-rising baby-faced beauty, Tan Song Yun, who took on the lovable best friend role in both seasons of Tornado Girl. Based on the novel of the same name written by Jiu Xiao Qi, My Mr. Mermaid (浪花一朵朵) is a sweet and funny love story about a reporter and a star swimmer. YES to abs! I mean…sweetness and hilarity are much needed in a world where most novel writers enjoy torturing the lead couple. XD But yes, I do like my eye candy and this time, they are swimmers! Sport dramas!! I really need them! So rare in dramaland! Can’t gauge much on their physicality yet but I hope we don’t get frail flailing arms. LOL.

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