The Perfect Match: Series Summary (Tdrama, 2017)

Hello Everyone! Long time no see~~ I am back after being in hiding for a few months haha. I hope everyone hasn’t forgotten me already… 😀

Anyways, I decided to hit up Taiwanese drama: The Perfect Match, and do a series summary >.< This drama took extremely long to air, and finally finished airing on July 28th. The series was originally intended to have only 16, but for some reason was extended to 22.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (51)

Long overdue! I think this one is smaller cause my brain forgets what I just read really fast these days. Lol.

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Kisses and PDA at Taiwan’s 50th Golden Bell Awards

Can’t let Mainland celebrities steal all the limelight, so Taiwanese artists also deck out their gowns and jewelries for a dazzling walk down the red carpet for their annual television production award.

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Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

 photo RNR1-23.jpg

Not a bad start. The songs are heavenly and addicting once you settle into the groove. Chris Wu is back. I didn’t get to see him in King Flower, so I had to check this one out for the dude (and the new hair!) Though I do like when his bangs are not covering his forehead and monkey ears.

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