Cdrama Updates: Love is Fate, The Love By Hypnotic, The Promise Keepers, A Little Thing Called First Love

More dramas to air in October!

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=======> ♦ Everyone Wants To Meet You (谁都渴望遇见你) features Zhang Zhe Han and Zhang Ruo Nan as leads. This is an idol drama produced by Vicki Zhao! Riley Wang’s dimple. Aww.

 photo meet-2.jpg

 photo meet-1.jpg

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=======> ♦ If you miss Zhang Bin Bin, wait no more, as his new modern drama Love is Fate (我爱你这是最好的安排) with Zheng He Hui Zi is slated to premiere on 10/16.

 photo fate-4.jpg

 photo fate-1.jpg

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 photo fate-2.jpg

=======> ♦ The Love By Hypnotic (明月照我心) with Fang Yi Lun and Ling Mei Shi is airing on 10/14.

 photo hypnotic-1.jpg

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 photo hypnotic-5.jpg photo hypnotic-4.jpg

 photo hypnotic-2.jpg photo hypnotic-3.jpg

=======> ♦ Fang Yi Lun has another drama airing called Childhood Sweethearts Pianist (竹马钢琴师) with Jin Wen Xin. To premiere on 10/17.

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=======> ♦ Huang Zi Tao’s period drama Hot-Blooded Youth (热血少年) with actress Zhang Xue Ying will premiere on 10/22.

 photo hotblo-1.jpg

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=======> ♦ Youth drama Dive (扑通扑通的青春) with Gu Jia Cheng and Qi Yan Di will premiere on 10/23. I see abs…and some ribs! I was googling the good-looking second male lead and found out he’s a Thai actor! Chanon Santinatornkul!

 photo dive-1.jpg

 photo dive-5.jpg

 photo dive-3.jpg

 photo dive-4.jpg

 photo dive-2.jpg

=======> ♦ A Little Thing Called First Love (初恋那件小事) starring Lai Guan Lin and Zhao Jin Mai. This is the remake of Thai popular film starring Mario and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. My review of the film in 2011!

 photo crazy-1.jpg

 photo crazy-2.jpg

 photo crazy-4.jpg

 photo crazy-3.jpg

=======> ♦ Ren Jia Lun is also stepping into modernland with Lan Yan Tu Ji (蓝焰突击) with actress Chen Xiao Yun. First set of stills.

 photo blueflam-2.jpg

 photo blueflam-1.jpg

 photo blueflam-6.jpg

 photo blueflam-7.jpg

 photo blueflam-3.jpg

 photo blueflam-5.jpg

 photo blueflam-4.jpg

=======> ♦ Historical drama The Promise Keepers (山海经之上古密约) releases first set of stills led by Wu Lei and Song Zu Er. Awww! The two child actors together. =D

 photo prmoises-2.jpg

 photo prmoises-1.jpg

 photo prmoises-11.jpg

 photo prmoises-10.jpg photo prmoises-9.jpg

 photo prmoises-5.jpg photo prmoises-6.jpg

 photo prmoises-7.jpg photo prmoises-8.jpg

 photo prmoises-4.jpg photo prmoises-3.jpg

=======> ♦ Huang Jing Yu and Wang Li Kun pulls and pushes in the new trailer for Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你).

  1. One thought on “Cdrama Updates: Love is Fate, The Love By Hypnotic, The Promise Keepers, A Little Thing Called First Love

    I was looking forward to Zhang Binbin’s drama before I watched the trailer. Now, not so much. Lol. The dialogue totally turned me off. He looks great in it though.

    Seems like Dilireba is filming a new drama with Johnny Huang Jingyu. I happened to see some pics from their booting ceremony and went on to read the novel that it’s based on. I liked the novel, but it seems that they haven’t officially announced it on weibo despite all the booting ceremony pics. Dilireba’s character in the novel is a very independent and stubborn woman so I hope they keep that aspect in the drama.

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