Upcoming Cdramas to Air: Liar’s Love, Double Love, First Love, Eight Hours, Forensic JD, and more

Damn, that’s a lot of love in the title…. I guess it’s December so lots of love and happiness to spread around. ^_^

Just catching up on some dramas I didn’t talk about from last week!

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Qing Luo with Wang Zi Wei and Liu Xue Yi to air

Qing Luo (清落) follows our heroine, played by Wang Zi Wei, a talented doctor who gave birth to a boy seven years ago. She begins traveling to search for baby’s daddy and meets a man (Liu Xue Yi) who shares the same face as him. She hates him at first glance due to the resemblance and but begins to open up to him after they go through a series of events together.

Airing 5/19~

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Yang Mi and Zhang Bin Bin’s modern drama Storm Eye gets green light to air in February

Storm Eye (暴风眼) is a modern drama with the theme on national security. Our male lead is a national security agent tasked to track and follow an overseas spy but he slowly recognizes that the spy is only a small pawn in a bigger scheme: to steal top-secret research material from Dinghua Group. He’s sent to collaborate with agents in Shuangqing City. Come to find out, the team leader (our heroine) of the other group is his old classmate from high school who disappeared 10 years ago without a word, leaving him with a hole of regret. As they work together to crack the case, years-long corruption surfaces within Dinghua Group.

Airing 2/23 ~

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C-Ent Updates: Legend of the Phoenix, L.O.R.D. Critical World, Wen Tian Lu, Whisper of Silent Body, The Eight Hundred

It’s been a busy week, when can my schedule lighten up for a bit?

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C-Ent Updates: The Thunder, Mermaid and Swordsman, Reignited Fire Over The Moon

When I finished gathering the news, I was like, a lot of cop shows coming up!

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First Impression: What do you think of Dilraba Dilmurat’s Lie Huo Ru Ge (The Flame’s Daughter)?

So did everyone get a chance to watch the premiere episodes of Lie Huo Ru Ge? Seems like the styling is the talk of town around here. Lol. Reminds me of the hair lift procedure William and Shi Shi got in Love Lost in Times. xD But back to our main stars, Dilraba reunites with Zhang Bin Bin one more time….. Are these two destined to be ill-fated forever in drama universe or what?! Then there’s our sole older male lead Vic Zhou, who is a decade older than all of the cast. Strange vibe or a slow burn to success? We shall see because I do like the whole cast ensemble.

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Zhang Jie sings opening themesong for Lie Huo Ru Ge (The Flame’s Daughter)

In exactly one week on 3/1, another big drama will premiere with a gorgeous cast for you to look at. Drama adaptation of Ming Xiao Xi‘s novel The Flame’s Daughter (Lie Huo Ru Ge) has begun its promo rounds, what with the cast appearing on Happy Camp and now the opening themesong by Zhang Jie! What is your impression so far?

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Mao Bu Yi sings for Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, Lie Huo Ru Ge confirms air date in March

Long-flowing hair guaranteed in March! XD

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