Henry Lau sings for The Monkey King 3, Wang Kai sings for A Better Tomorrow 2018

Quite a few songs released from movie productions over the last 24 hours. All are pleasant songs.

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Movie Updates: A Better Tomorrow 2018, The Dreaming Man, Legends of The Demon Cat, Dunjia, Forever Young

Lots of movies to look forward to!

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The Birth of An Actor Show: Episode 1 with Zheng Shuang, Ren Jia Lun, Zhai Tian Lin, Yu Shao Qun

The Birth of An Actor is a new show on Zhejiang TV featuring a crop of actors and actresses in acting challenges against a fellow actor each week. The judges are Song Dan Dan, Zhang Zi Yi, and Liu Ye. Actor Zhang Guo Li serves as the MC. Acting is still subjective in my opinion so this show is a platform for fiery discussion among netizens, fans, and non-fans alike. The always hot-topic individual Zheng Shuang is in the first week, pitted against Ren Jia Lun and Song Dan Dan, while she wins against Allen, she loses to the veteran actress, respectively. In the short play, Zheng Shuang plays Zhang Zi Yi’s character in her big screen’s debut The Road Home, directed by Zhang Yi Mou. Other contestants in the same episode are Zhai Tian Lin, Yu Shao Qun, Huang Lu, and Liu Yun.

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Gathering of Chinese Stars at Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night 2017

[Blog is alive?!]

PEACHHHHHHH!! Lolol. Your couple is front news! hee! Everyone should love this post since it’s all about pretty and kindness! I forgot who said this quote, but doing charity only has a beginning, it never ends. There was no crazy fashion tonight, everyone looks good with what they chose and for once I’m a happy camper with Li Ying’s stylist (I’m more picky with her! xD)

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Friday Photoshoots: Zhao Li Ying’s Moon Goddess, Shawn Dou, Liu Hao Ran, Dilraba, Shu Qi

Happy Friday!! My friday is literally blooming at work. *heart in eyes* Sneaking off during lunch to post this! =D The theme of this week’s photoshoots….is the dark weird artsy type. Lol.

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Zhang Zi Yi and Chang Chen up to headline drama Di Wang Ye?

Still awaiting official confirmation but I don’t think they can throw around Zhang Zi Yi‘s name for fun (they wouldn’t, right?) Lol. Di Wang Ye (帝王业) is adapted from the palace novel written by Mei Yu Zhe, following the arranged/transactional marriage between a fallen princess and a man of humbling background, as they rise to power together. Is this Zhang Zi Yi’s television debut? Wow. Funny how C-Ent movie actresses go into dramaland just to do empress roles. Lol. Do you think this is a limitation or an expansion of their movie star status?

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Zhang Zi Yi and Hu Ge up for drama Emperor’s Conquest?

Newsflash! Looks like everyone and their grandma want to time-travel back to the hehaw years to dominate the chaotic world. The latest news explosion on weibo brought Zhang Zi Yi and Hu Ge together for the novel-to-drama adaptation of Emperor’s Conquest (帝王业) written by Mei Yu Zhe. The story follows two intelligent people bound together by a political marriage that slowly morphs into an epic relationship of love, loyalty, and trust in their conquest of the world. Now this sounds absolutely yummy for both male and female lead. Why don’t we get this more often in dramaland? Who has read the novel and can share more?

Notice the question mark? That is to prevent any possible heart attack going on. Lol. Still just a rumor.

*breathes* If this is true, then it is film actress Zhang Zi Yi’s first entry into dramaland. Really?!

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