First Stills for Miss The Dragon, Use for My Talent, Pride and Prejudice, Fall In Love, Song of Youth

Huge batch of stills from the past week. Happy Weekend!

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=======> ♦ Miss The Dragon aka Yu Long (遇龙) with Dylan Wang and Zhu Xu Dan. Dragon offering himself to a maidservant. 😛

=======> ♦ Remake of Kdrama Clean with Passion for Now, Use For My Talent (我亲爱的小洁癖) with Jasper Liu and Shen Yue.

=======> ♦ Republican drama Fall in Love (一见倾心) with Chen Xing Xu and Zhang Jing Yi.

=======> ♦ One single poster for modern fantasy drama Rattan aka Si Teng (司藤) with Jing Tian and Zhang Bin Bin. Me likey the poster!

=======> ♦ Fashion-themed Pride and Prejudice (盛装) with Song Jia, Chen He, Anita Yuen, and a few special cameos from various actors.

=======> ♦ Female-centric period drama Song of Youth (玉楼春) with Bai Lu and Gina Jin. Am I the only one disturbed all the ladies have the same eyebrows shape?!

=======> ♦ Gentlemen Attention Please (先生们,请立正) with Zhang Han, Du Chun, and Jing Chao. Haven’t seen Zhang Han in a long while.

=======> ♦ To Love (最初的相遇,最后的别离) with Li Geng Xin and Gai Yue Xi.

=======> ♦ Challenges at Mid Life (落花时节) with Lei Jia Yin, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi Xing, and Jia Nai Liang.

=======> ♦ My Best Friend’s Story (流金岁月) with Ni Ni and Liu Shi Shi.

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