Song Wei Long and Lin Yun confirmed for Beautiful Reborn Flower

From the author An Ni Bao Bei that gave you the movie, Qi Yue and An Sheng aka SoulMate with Sandra Ma and Zhou Dong Yu, Beautiful Reborn Flower is another novel of hers getting adapted for television and Song Wei Long and Lin Yun have been chosen as the leads. This time Lin Yun is challenging herself with dual roles, one is an introverted writer and the other is a free-spirited woman, while Wei Long finds himself in yet another rebellious role. With this writer, it’s gonna be an emotional-stirring piece of work and neither of these two actors have proven their skills yet… shall I be hopeful?

Will update more about the story once the production starts rolling! If you have read the novel, let us know!

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Untouchable Lovers wraps up filming with some powdered faces and dancing

Aww so cute. Sometimes, we forget how young these cast members are. Our leads – Guan Xiao Tong is 19 going to 20, and Song Wei Long is 18 going to 19. Let them enjoy their youth and the crazy exhilarating feelings of being young and in the spotlight! Untouchable Lovers is the drama adaptation of the novel Feng Qiu Huang, but unfortunately, the story has been butchered in the hands of Yu Zheng, as always. Filming has wrapped today and the cast and crew enjoy a fight on set. 🙂

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Viann Zhang competes with Song Wei Long in Untouchable Lovers, Guan Xiao Tong gets dunked

Oh Yu Zheng, what did you do?!! Gotta tell you though, I laughed my head off thinking about the absurdity of this production. He’s out to get ya novel fans! The latest stills reveal Viann Zhang Xin Yu (Song of Phoenix) playing a male character, Wang Yi Zhi, our female lead nonsexual soul mate. I know it’s the same production, but must they dress her exactly like Song Wei Long? But the thing that got me busting my guts is our female lead, Guan Xiao Tong, getting dunked in a pool for a water scene. You remember the antique clockwork she has for as hairstyle? She was sporting the unfortunate hair in the said scene. Lolol!!

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Meteor Garden 2018 considers Song Wei Long, Vivian Sung, Huang Jun Jie

First round of rumored casting is revealed for the new Chinese remake of popular Japanese shōjo manga, Hana Yori Dango (花より男子), following our poor heroine as she fights against the elite group of rich boys known as F4 at a privilege school and falling for two of said boys. Offers are out to Song Wei Long, Vivian Sung, and Huang Jun Jie. I’m sure you recognize those names by now but if you don’t, click more for their pictures! I’m happy it’s Vivian because I’m assured of her acting ability. The boys….well….They are pretty…

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