Song Yi Ren and Dylan Kuo reunite in A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

For those who were fans of the two characters in Ever Night, you guys can rejoice! Song Yi Ren and Dylan Kuo just started filming for their new series, adapted from the novel A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality written by Wang Yu. It is mentioned that they will use CG techniques similar to what you saw in the movie L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties.

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Zhang Kai Tai and Jiang Zhen Yu lead new remake of Jin Yong’s Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain

Did Jin Yong perhaps sign a contract somewhere that all his new novel-to-drama adaptations must be headlined by new faces? The recent adaptations have all been really decent so far so I’m hoping the same rings true for this production. I have only ever watched the TVB version in 1999 with Sunny Chan and Charmaine Sheh. I both loved and hated it; heavy changes from the novel. Lol. I watched till the end because Sunny and Charmaine looked so damn good and sweet together. I was ready to spit blood if I they don’t get a happy ending. xD

Back then TVB background music for their wuxia series is top-notch. It creates the mood for me to remember the series fondly until this day.

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First Impression: What do you think of The Legends with Bai Lu and Xu Kai?

Somebody be a dear and tell me if this is worth watching? The shallow in me is gobbling up the prettiness, reminds me of The Legends of Zu.

The Legends (招摇) is adapted from the novel written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang starring new faces such as Bai Lu (King is Not Easy) and Xu Kai (Zhao Ge) as leads. Bai Lu plays Wan Lu Men’s Sect Master who is in pursuit of the legendary Wan Jun Sword left behind by the Demon Lord but she’s tricked by our hero which leads her into a precarious situation. Five years later (??!), she returns to her sect to get back her position but our hero has taken over the sect. He’s also the Demon Lord’s son disguised as a sect disciple to scheme her out of her position five years ago. She then lures him into another journey to get another sword (LOL) with the help of a rising wulin star (Dai Xu) but as it turns out, she gets kidnapped by her conspirator and the hero has to rescue her. Why does this sound so funny? Or am I reading this wrong? XD

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First Impression: What do you think of Yang Zi and Deng Lun’s Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost?

I forgot this aired on 8/2!

Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost is also known as Ashes of Love as the English title.

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Yang Yang’s Martial Universe is set to broadcast in August 2018

Another big production coming to your summer viewing plate! Adapted from a xianxia novel Wu Dong Qian Kun (武动乾坤) written by Tian Can Tu Dou, Martial Universe has a gorgeous cast of Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai, Wang Li Kun, Wu Chun, and Chen Xiao Long. Slotted to air on 8/7!

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Wallace Huo returns to dramaland to romance Yang Mi in Masters (Ju Jiang)

This is the duo’s third collaboration together, after drama Chinese Paladin 3 and movie Reset. This news came out so suddenly because they have started filming today, everything done secretly until the release of official posters a few hours ago. Lol. Trying to keep a secret aren’t we? The story takes places during 1920s Shanghai and the theme is on the building blocks of architecture well into the modern world. Our hero has a tough life and the family is torn apart when his dad dies as a result of a smuggling ordeal and he’s separated from his siblings. Years later, he works hard, hoping to build better living conditions for the poor with low-costing housing in war-torn down areas. Our heroine is an outstanding architect, combining the essence of Chinese architecture and orienting her works around humans, she’s a fast-rising talent in Shanghai.

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Luo Jin and Li Yi Tong begin filming Royal Nirvana

Back to work again these two! Li Yi Tong might not have debut with a bang with The Legend of the Condor Heroes, but she has work back-to-back since then, no break in between, I believe. I’ll check out the synopsis when I get home from work but hopefully, this is just the undone version of her hair or else she and Luo Jin will be sporting the same look. Lol.

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Angelababy, Deng Lun, and Zhu Yi Long confirm drama My True Friend

And confirmations are in! Modern drama about real estate, My True Friend (我的真朋友) has begun filming with Angelababy, Deng Lun, and Zhu Yi Long! Not much is known about the plot yet but it promises to tell a warm story through the protagonists’ sincere work style and life attitude. Beautiful cast members alright ~

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