The Long-Awaited Joy of Life Season 2 with Zhang Ruo Yun, Wu Gang, and Li Qin confirms air date

My plan has changed. Now that I realize there’s a third part to this series. I’m gonna delay my viewing decision. Lol. Joy of Life Season 2 (庆余年 第二季) has confirmed to begin airing on 5/16! The first part ended on a cliff-hanger back in 2019 and I just count my lucky stars I did not watch it back then, the wait would have roasted me! xD

Synopsis Per MZTV: After leaving the audience in suspense with an impactful ending in the first season, Joy of Life 2 picks up the story where it left off. Fan Xian will face unprecedented pressure, a more complex situation, and even trickier challenges. The way he confronts the threats and life-or-death tests from the Second Prince and the Eldest Princess while striving to fulfill his mother’s ideals will become one of the highlights of the second season. As eagerly anticipated by fans of the FanWan couple, they will finally witness the long-awaited wedding of Fan Xian and Lin Wan’er. However, their sweet love will face unexpected trials after marriage.

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Cdrama Airing This Week: Under the Microscope, The Forbidden Flower, Love Heals, Chong Zi, Perfect Mismatch

Happy Friday! More dramas! Which one(s) are you watching?

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Cdramaland Updates: Sassy Beauty, Shining For One Thing, Cupid’s Kitchen, The Comic Bang, Brilliant Class 8, Tiger Crane, and more!

Playing catch-up! News keep getting longer and piling up and impossible to be up-to-date daily.

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Wallace Chung and Li Xiao Ran reunite in another Fei Wo Si Cun’s novel-to-drama adaptation, Wang Hou Yu Sheng

Were the two just waiting to be reunited with Fei Wo Si Cun? Lol. They collaborated last in Too Late to Say I Love You in 2010. I can’t believe a decade has passed! Wang Hou Yu Sheng (往后余生) is a modern drama which follows the romance of two people torn apart by a secret from the past. We meet our heroine, who is a single mother raising a child with a heart disease. She spends all her money into medical bills, working multiple jobs and living frugally to pass by. Her days take a turn for the better when her child is selected to undergo surgical treatments for research by a cardiologist. When she meets the said doctor, he turns out to be our male lead, her lover from 7 years ago. Our couple’s romance begins when both were still in school; gentle, sweet, and innocent. The blooming love was terminated by our heroine when she discovered a horrifying secret in her mother’s diary, leaving our male lead in the blind, and thus he harbors resentment for her for the years to come. He thought he would be happy seeing her living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. But he doesn’t, his heart breaks seeing her so exhausted, so drained.

He still loves her.

Together, they find their way back to each other through healing old wounds and answering questions.

Question for novel readers: (Someone spoil me please, the child is his? ML? )

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COVID-19 Anthology Cdrama – Together, with Ten Different Stories and Cast Members

I did not expect that in my lifetime there would be a global pandemic happening. It is – still is, very tough. Working in a major hospital, I was very fortunate to have a job through Covid but there were definitely some selfish moments where I just wanted to stay home and stay away from the hospital, where protocols and procedures keep changing every single day as we learned more things about the virus. Colleagues falling sick and hospital dispatching some of us to different areas, sometimes unrelated to our job; some smaller hospitals were sending my co-workers to work at the morgue. >.<”

I don’t know what to expect from these dramas but maybe all we need is a little thing called hope to keep us moving forward. Having this blog and some of you guys to chat with has always been the anchor of my sanity. So thank-you for that! Stay healthy, stay informed, stay connected, and stay calm! We are in this together.

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Chinese remake of Kdrama Signal led by Li Xiao Ran, Du Chun, and Wang Tian Chen

Unknown Number (时空来电) is the Chinese remake of Kdrama Signal starring Li Xiao Ran, Du Chun, and Wang Tian Chen. I haven’t watched the original but have heard of numerous praises for the plot and acting caliber of the original cast. Of the Chinese cast, Wang Tian Chen is the most green and you might remember him in General and I, The Way We Were and or Tang Dynasty Tour. Either way, he has a big shoes to follow Lee Jae Hoon’s performance. The original was inspired by a true incident and that involves a serial rapist and murderer. The story follows police lieutenant played by Wang as he tries to investigate the death of his childhood’s friend that was left unsolved for years. He’s aided when he discovers a walkie-talkie and the man talking to him through the phone is the detective from the past (literally) trying to solve the case. Now I want to watch the original. Sounds like a TVB drama too!

Unknown Number begins airing tonight 10/23!

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Chen Kun returns to dramaland after nine years with Spy drama

Chen Kun left the small screen for nine whopping years?! That seems to be the route most actors of the 90s and 2000s took on after they made a name for themselves. Who would want to return to the long shooting and hectic schedule of tv filming? Anyway, he is now back with original spy drama, The Escapee (脱身者), whose script is said to have been polished for a number of years. They expect a rise in TV series quality with the return of Chen Kun. Lol? What kind of expectation is that to place on an actor?! His rumored leading lady is Li Xiao Ran (Sparrow) and he has worked with her before. I’m hoping for a new pairing! Just don’t place him next to someone 20 years younger (he’s 40?!!). Lol.

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Half a Lifelong Romance courts Andy Yang Zi and Tony Yang

Nooooooooo. Please nooooooo. Why am I panicking? It is too melo and involves the R element! There are two adaptations so far: a movie version (Eighteen Springs) with Leon Lai, Anita Mui and Jacklyn Wu, and a drama version in 2003 with Ruby Lin, Patrick Tang, and Jiang Qin Qin called Affair of Half a Lifetime. The novel written by Eileen Chang has been translated into many languages, including English for those who are interested. I have watched the drama version before but I do not remember the content. Once I read the synopsis again, flashes of unpleasant scenes flooded through my brain.

Anyone else who felt different? I do admit I watched this drama when I was too young and never went back so…

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