Friday Photoshoots: Zhou Dong Yu for Chen Man, Fan Bing Bing, Dilraba, Hu Yi Tian

Happy Friday folks! I can’t wait to post the pretty pictures of the ladies this week! Totally girls’ power!

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Fan Bing Bing.

 photo fbbing-6.jpg

 photo fbbing-7.jpg

 photo fbbing-5.jpg

 photo fbbing-4.jpg

 photo fbbing-2.jpg

 photo fbbing-3.jpg

 photo fbbing-1.jpg

 photo fbbing-8.jpg

 photo fbbing-9.jpg

Dilraba gives me the same vibes as Miss Fan. Expensive and high-class.

 photo dil-1.jpg

 photo dil-2.jpg

 photo dil-3.jpg

 photo dil-7.jpg

 photo dil-6.jpg

 photo dil-5.jpg

 photo dil-4.jpg

 photo dil-8.jpg

Hu Yi Tian in a very casual shoot with plenty of smiles ~

 photo hu-1.jpg

 photo hu-2.jpg

 photo hu-3.jpg

 photo hu-4.jpg

 photo hu-5.jpg

 photo hu-7.jpg

 photo hu-6.jpg

 photo hu-8.jpg

 photo hu-9.jpg

Gao Zhi Ting boo! I just love this kid. He has the humble quality down pat. 😀

 photo gao-1.jpg

 photo gao-3.jpg

 photo gao-2.jpg

 photo gao-4.jpg

Hu Ge in his various thinking poses.

 photo hugee-1.jpg

 photo hugee-2.jpg

 photo hugee-3.jpg

 photo hugee-4.jpg

 photo hugee-5.jpg

 photo hugee-6.jpg

 photo hugee-7.jpg

 photo hugee-8.jpg

 photo hugee-9.jpg

Liu Shi Shi showing a little wrist and a pretty watch. 😉

 photo shii-1.jpg

 photo shii-2.jpg

 photo shii-3.jpg

 photo shii-5.jpg

 photo shii-4.jpg

 photo shii-6.jpg

And lastly, Zhou Dong Yu! I couldn’t recognize her at first glance. Here she is in the hands of famous photographer Chen Man. He did Zhang Tian Ai last week for her movie and he is at it again for Yu’s The Thousand Faces of Dunjia. It’s stunning, creative, and memorable!

 photo shouyu-1.jpg

 photo shouyu-12.jpg

 photo shouyu-13.jpg

 photo shouyu-11.jpg

 photo shouyu-5.jpg

 photo shouyu-6.jpg

 photo shouyu-7.jpg

 photo shouyu-8.jpg

 photo shouyu-4.jpg

 photo shouyu-3.jpg

 photo shouyu-2.jpg

 photo shouyu-9.jpg

 photo shouyu-10.jpg

 photo shouyu-14.jpg

 photo shouyu-15.jpg

 photo shouyu-16.jpg

  1. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Zhou Dong Yu for Chen Man, Fan Bing Bing, Dilraba, Hu Yi Tian

    It’s like Chen Man doesn’t seem to be fond of Zhou Dongyu’s face even though the one closeup she did do is very beautiful and ZDY looks lovely in it.

    Hu Yitian…is this for a photobook or something? If there was ever a perfect time to release one by his company it would be now. He is on fire! He seems popular in international circle but it’s nothing compared to his fame in China atm. It’s been a long time since was a runaway breakout idol star like him. Reminds me of the old idol TWdrama days. Even Yang Yang paid his dues and slowly slowly gained fans (Red Chamber, The Four, Whirlwind Girl) up until Love O2O.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Zhou Dong Yu for Chen Man, Fan Bing Bing, Dilraba, Hu Yi Tian

    Omg! The ZDY photoshoot is breathtaking 😍😍😍

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