Love Under the Full Moon with Ju Jing Yi and Zheng Ye Cheng confuses Kappy with head-scratching synopsis

Can I be honest with you guys? I read the synopsis in Chinese and I was like… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then I went onto qiyi’s website to check out THEIR synopsis, and I saw this: “Lei Chuxia who lives in the modern (Ju Jingyi), because of the “supermoon”, her memory loss and crossed into Xu Xiaodong’ (Zheng Yecheng) phone, then a magical journey begins.”

Love Under the Full Moon (满月之下请相爱) begins airing 8/26~

Good Luck!

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Liang Jie and Xing Zhao Lin time-travel again for The Eternal Love 3

I didn’t watch the first part or the second part, and now we have the third part! Lol.

Tencent describes The Eternal Love 3 (双世宠妃3): The story took place in a fictional world. In the modern city, Qu Xiaotan, a sales lady, unexpectedly was affected by the power of the mysterious Xuanling Continent and then traveled to the ancient Dongyue Country. She then became Qu Tan’er, the second lady of Minister Qu. With the thinking and habits of modern people, she was extremely uncomfortable with ancient life. And due to her “abnormal” requests one by one, Qu Mansion was in a mess. But an unexpected fall turned Qu Tan’er into a quiet one, which was the same as the real Miss Qu the second. From then on, she was sometimes mad and sometimes quiet, annoying people around her. In this period, she was ordered to marry Mo Liancheng, the eighth prince of Dongyue Country. However, she was ever entangled with the great prince Mo Yihuai. This woman with a changeable personality became the cause of many troubles…

Or WeTV’s synopsis: It tells the story that Qu Xiaotan traveled to the ancient times again after the Soul-suppressing Pearl becomes unstable. She brought back Mo Liancheng, who has lost memory in this life, continuing to chase love…

Began airing 6/1~

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Zhao Zhi Wei and Sun Yi Ning shed light on dubbing industry in You Are So Sweet

You Are So Sweet (你听起来很甜) is upcoming romcom with a backdrop of voice actors! Looking at the trailers, I’m not sure of how much of the content will be focus on voice actors though. Lol. Our heroine is an aspiring voice actress who is described as average in looks and not that educated (so harsh on us girls?) but she strikes gold and is hired to be our male lead’s assistant, who is supposedly a genius in the field, and also founder of her workplace. However, things get complicated when she inadvertently helps second male lead (Li Xiang Zhe) chase away a dog; now he’s full-on in pursuit mode to steal her. He’s the other co-founder of the same company.

Airing 11/5!

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Cdrama Updates: My Roommate is a Detective, Broker, If I Can Love You So, Jiu Liu Overlord, Skate Into Love, Spirit Realm

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Eternal Love – Season 2: Episode 2 Recap

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the wait~ School got a bit hectic, and life kind of got in the way. However, I was finally able to get the time to get screen-caps done! I’m looking to have Episodes 3 and 4 done before the weekend is over, so please stay tuned for that!

This episode : It seems that are leads are finally going to return to the historical world. I wonder how the story is going to progress, as this season seems to be a prequel to Season 1. The quality of this season has definitely improved as they sets and costumes look way nicer~ Anyways, I hope you’re just as excited as I am to find out what’s going to happen next!


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Eternal Love – Season 2: Episodes 1 Recap

The long awaited Season 2 has arrived! Hello! I’m Amy, and I’ll be in charge of recapping this series. I am currently watch the show on Youtube on the channel YoYo Television Series Exclusive (however, Viki is having them subbed too!) Thanks for reading my recaps and I hope you enjoy them~

I did say that I would be releasing all the recaps for the week in the same post, but since my recaps turned out to be way more detailed, they are a lot longer than I expected. I will be splitting the posts into episodes 1 and then 2 and 3 etc (and if future posts are like this, then the 4 episodes will be released in four different posts). The posts get too long, and with the pictures included, and WordPress can’t handle everything! They will still all be up before the next episodes air so do not worry! Again, thanks for taking the time to read them :))


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First Impression: What do you think of The Eternal Love Season 2 with Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie?

Haii it’s Maknae/Amy here! Just here to let everyone know that I will be recapping this series. I’m planning on releasing them after each week’s episodes has been released, so please await my recaps in the future!

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First Impression: Accidentally In Love (Cdrama, 2018)

As usual, after watching a heavier drama like Legend of Fuyao, I found myself craving something silly, light and cute. This time I decided to go with Accidentally in Love 《惹上冷殿下》, a web drama about two students who meet at the same college, despise each other at first and then eventually fall in love. Because it stars two actors I’d seen in supporting roles on some other funny dramas I enjoyed, I decided to give this one a try.

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