Friday Photoshoots: Shen Yue and Meteor Garden 2018 Boys, Chen Kun, Wallace Huo

Happy Weekend! It’s glacier cold in Boston tonight! Make sure you are warm and the faucets are leaking them water! Our pipes broke two years ago and it was not a fun time ~

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Leaked filming photos of Meteor Garden 2018, Little S to play Dao Ming Si’s Sister

Awww. Dee Hsu or more widely known as Little S is gonna play our hero’s spunky sister! She’s Barbie Hsu (the original Shan Cai)’s younger sister in real life. You have to agree the sister is a well-loved character in the series. They have been filming and leaked photos are surfacing everywhere online. Here is just a small compilation and first look at our heroine played by Shen Yue (A Love So Beautiful). What I read so far is that they’re planning to make a movie version as well, where the cast of 2001 will meet 2018… To do what? Compare wrinkles?! Lol.

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Meteor Garden 2018 holds conference and reveals F4 final roles

So I got the two main guys right and not the two supporting F2. Lol. Brownie points for me! They held a press conference today and reveals their final casting for the new adaptation of the highly popular manga Meteor Garden. Angie Chai plays the producer, just like how she brought the 2001 version cast to stardom. Let’s hope for the same!

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Meteor Garden 2018 announces the new Flower Boys F4 and Shen Yue as female lead

Are you ready to meet the newest version of China F4? With an average height of 185cm and an average age of 21, the boys are rookie actors, revealed through Bazaar Magazine photoshoot today. This is the result of a casting program with over 30,000 applicants. The precious female lead is given to Shen Yue, the adorable upcoming female lead in A Love So Beautiful.

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Meteor Garden 2018 considers Song Wei Long, Vivian Sung, Huang Jun Jie

First round of rumored casting is revealed for the new Chinese remake of popular Japanese shōjo manga, Hana Yori Dango (花より男子), following our poor heroine as she fights against the elite group of rich boys known as F4 at a privilege school and falling for two of said boys. Offers are out to Song Wei Long, Vivian Sung, and Huang Jun Jie. I’m sure you recognize those names by now but if you don’t, click more for their pictures! I’m happy it’s Vivian because I’m assured of her acting ability. The boys….well….They are pretty…

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China to remake Meteor Garden 2017: Which is Your Favorite?

I can’t with these constant remakes. XD Filming will begin in May 2017 and run for 6 months with 48 episodes. No news yet on the casting. Dun! Dun! Dunnnn! For those who have no idea what this is about, it’s based on the Japanese shōjo manga, Hana Yori Dango (花より男子) written and illustrated by Yoko Kamio, following our poor heroine as she fights against the elite group of rich boys known as F4 at a privilege school. Complicated stuff that needs to be remade every few years, yunno.

Lolol. I’m such a troll.

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