First Impression: What do you think of Zhang Ruo Yun and Wang Ou’s Awakening of Insects?

This one really snuck up on us, didn’t it? Not a lot of promos, then bam! We are airing! A lot of dramas are. Part one Sparrow with Li Yi Feng and Zhou Dong Yu got decent reviews, so I’m gonna go on a limp and say this one must be of parallel quality? The premise is quite interesting with Zhang playing dual roles – a spy and a gangster who makes a living by trading intelligence (kind of a perfect transition). Because of his resemblance to a Japanese spy, he’s forced by the Japanese to work for them, after they kidnap his younger sister. Unfortunately, he’s not the type of man to betray his home country and he eventually realizes his responsibilities as a citizen and fights alongside other comrades against the Japanese.

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C-Ent Updates: Love and Destiny, Awakening of Insects, Princess Silver, The Great Ruler, Eighteen Springs

Sorry for the lack of updates, the past week had been hard. T_T

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Drama Updates: Spy Hunter, Chinese Misaeng, Eighteen Springs, Let’s Shake It 2, Another Me

This post has been delayed for so long. *_*

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Allen Ren Jia Lun’s first drama Detective Dee has finally aired!

Allen Ren Jia Lun, you lucky duck. I thought this drama already aired. NOT. Lol. Who would have thought his first drama was three years ago and he was cast as the leading male in his first role? Along with a handful of recognizable faces in today’s news such as Andy Chen Yi, Jiao Jun Yan, Han Qing Zi, and Li Ruo Jia. Detective Dee (通天狄仁杰), like the name suggests, is a period detective series set during rule of Emperor Gaozong of Tang (how fitting of a period for Allen!) led by a very green rookie actor. Do you see his potentials then?

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Paris is Not in a Good Mood with Zhang Han and Han Qing Zi

Paris is Not in a Good Mood (如果巴黎不快乐) is an upcoming modern drama adapted from the novel written by Bai Jin Hu, telling a deep love story between two individuals. He’s a detailed, rich, every girl’s dream man, just waiting for that fated person to appear. While she was a lawyer who committed crime on behalf of her boyfriend and was sent to prison. The day she’s released, she confronts her boyfriend….now entering marriage with a different girl. Bastard. She starts out lowly in an office position but her ambition for serving people propels her right back as she fights for her lawyer’s license once again. It does sound like Korean drama Secret Love with Hwang Jung Eum with the female lead going to jail.

Oh Zhang Han. You just have to keep trying. If the Korean ban affects any actor, it’s Zhang Han the most, for his four projects feature Korean actresses as his leading ladies. I can’t even feel bad for the guy cause he knowingly promotes and supports the collaborations. Not that they are bad, but you have to think about his fellow Chinese actresses being placed in second lead roles again and again.

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Demon Girl unveils 10-minute Trailer at Press Conference

Don’t know why I’m so excited about this drama?!! Please don’t judge me! Lol. It’s like an irrational thirst for dysfunctional story covered by pretty pretty people with endless angst. At least it will be addicting? The only Yumama’s drama that wasn’t addicting to me was Yun Zhong Ge, which defied all of Yu’s factors to be non-stimulating. XD Anyhoo, the 10-minute trailer is packed with spoilers so I will warn you fairly that many deaths are shown in the last 4 minutes. Skip if you don’t want to know. Otherwise, it shows what tragic circumstances befall on our heroine and her family when a jealous rival intends to end her, forcing her to draw blood and ascend the throne to the Demon world. *clasps hands together jubilantly*

*Please be better than the other Demon Girl who failed me. LOL.*

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Atmospheric first trailer for Yu Zheng’s Demon Girl

Ohhhh! I like it! When it comes to pretty and contrast and colors, Yu Zheng has it down to an art, making everyone looking either plastic-y or flawless – and this time, it’s the latter! Instead of the string of slapping, we have a lot of neck-grabbing in the 2-minute trailer and I wouldn’t want those golden sharp nails anywhere near me. Lol. I also really like that the music isn’t overwhelming.

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Yu Zheng’s Demon Girl adds new face Johnny Huang Jing Yu

“Yumama: I love me some pretty! I got me some pretty!” by Kap

Call me what you like but when this republican fantasy drama, Demon Girl, produced by Yu Zheng comes out, I’m watching it! The amount of pretty onscreen is sparkling and endless and you know how easy it is to convince me. Lol. But some of the comments on weibo killed me. “What the hell is this drama about?” “How is it that he keeps adding people?” “Who are the leads again?” I also laughed so hard at how fast Yumama snatched the rising new face of Johnny Huang Jing Yu from the webdrama Heroine and added him just like that. He just had his costume fitting today, joined by two other new faces. Not only are we getting new pretty people to look at, Yumama also has a bevy list of solid actors as guest stars.

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