Movie Updates: A Better Tomorrow 2018, The Dreaming Man, Legends of The Demon Cat, Dunjia, Forever Young

Lots of movies to look forward to!

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=======> ♦ A Better Tomorrow 2018 with Wang Kai, Ma Tian Yu, and Darren Wang has new posters.

Old Teaser.

 photo better-3.jpg

 photo better-2.jpg

 photo better-1.jpg

 photo better-6.jpg

 photo better-5.jpg

 photo better-4.jpg

=======> ♦ New Posters for The Monkey King 3: Land of Beauty with Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng. Slotted for February 16th, 2018!

 photo monkey-6.jpg

 photo monkey-4.jpg

 photo monkey-3.jpg

 photo monkey-2.jpg

 photo monkey-1.jpg

 photo monkey-5.jpg

 photo monkey-7.jpg

=======> ♦ Gorgeous new posters and trailers for Legend of the Demon Cat with Huang Xuan, Zhang Tian Ai, Shōta Sometani, Liu Hao Ran, and Qin Hao.

 photo denon-1.jpg

 photo denon-7.jpg

 photo denon-8.jpg

So pretty. The ladies mesmerizes me~

 photo denon-2.jpg

 photo denon-3.jpg

 photo denon-4.jpg

 photo denon-5.jpg

 photo denon-6.jpg

=======> ♦ New promos for Miracles of the Namiya General Store (解忧杂货店) with Dilraba, Dong Zi Jian, Wang Jun Kai, and Jackie Chan.

 photo namiya-19.jpg

 photo namiya-18.jpg

 photo namiya-20.jpg

 photo namiya-17.jpg

 photo namiya-14.jpg

 photo namiya-13.jpg

 photo namiya-15.jpg

 photo namiya-16.jpg

 photo namiya-11.jpg

 photo namiya-12.jpg

 photo namiya-10.jpg

 photo namiya-1.jpg

=======> ♦ New promos for The Thousand Faces of Dunjia (奇门遁甲) with Da Peng, Ni Ni, Zhou Dong Yu, and Aarif Lee.

A pretty awesome song featuring actor Aarif Rahman, Da Peng, and Taiwanese singer Wu Bai. I’m loving the feel of it!

 photo dunja-1.jpg

 photo dunja-4.jpg

 photo dunja-8.jpg

 photo dunja-10.jpg

 photo dunja-5.jpg

 photo dunja-9.jpg

 photo dunja-7.jpg

 photo dunja-11.jpg

 photo dunja-6.jpg

 photo dunja-3.jpg

=======> ♦ Fantsy movie Han Son and The Beast (一代妖精) with Liu Yi Fei and Feng Shao Feng. A love story between a fox spirit and human. Fairy sister is at it again! hee!

 photo hanson-9.jpg

 photo hanson-12.jpg

 photo hanson-8.jpg

 photo hanson-7.jpg

 photo hanson-5.jpg

 photo hanson-11.jpg

 photo hanson-6.jpg

 photo hanson-4.jpg

=======> ♦ Bleeding Steel (机器之血) with Jackie Chan, Show Luo, Nana Ou Yang, Tess Haubrich, and Callan Mulvey. Jackie plays a special forces agent who lends a hand to protect a woman from a criminal gang but at the same time, he feels like they have met.

 photo bleedings-1.jpg

 photo bleedings-7.jpg

 photo bleedings-5.jpg

 photo bleedings-3.jpg

 photo bleedings-6.jpg

 photo bleedings-4.jpg

 photo bleedings-8.jpg

=======> ♦ The Dreaming Man (假如王子睡着了) with Bolin Chen, Lin Yun and Zhang Yun Long. The first collaborated movie with Disney Studios China Limited, SMG Pictures Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Artrendwave Productions Co., Ltd with investment from Jay Walk Studios (hence you see Yun long in here!)

 photo dreaming-1.jpg

 photo dreaming-2.jpg

 photo dreaming5-1.jpg

 photo dreaming5-2.jpg

 photo dreaming-3.jpg

 photo dreaming-5.jpg

 photo dreaming-8.jpg

 photo dreaming-11.jpg

 photo dreaming5-3.jpg

 photo dreaming5-4.jpg

 photo dreaming-13.jpg

 photo dreaming-10.jpg

 photo dreaming-7.jpg

=======> ♦ Forever Young (无问西东) with Zhang Zi Yi, Huang Xiao Ming, Chang Chen, and Wang Lee Hom.

 photo forever-1.jpg

 photo forever-6.jpg

 photo forever-5.jpg

 photo forever-4.jpg

 photo forever-3.jpg

 photo forever-2.jpg

  1. One thought on “Movie Updates: A Better Tomorrow 2018, The Dreaming Man, Legends of The Demon Cat, Dunjia, Forever Young

    I hope Liu Yi Fei story is good because she looks very good in it. And it it looks funny. Reminds me a bit of My Ex Girlfriend is a Super Hero.

    A Better Tomorrow is already going to have anti’s due to the beloved 80s movie.

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