Friday Photoshoots: Sun Qian, Huang Jun Jie, Ariel Lin, Nana Ou-Yang, and Zack Zhang

I’m scraping for news. Lol. But I do realize two things: 1) This is the perfect time to air your cdramas! Folks are at home, resting and tuning into shows. 2) I can actually catch up on dramas!

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Ariel Lin looking exactly un-aged. Lol.

Nana Ou-Yang and Zack Zhang, though it’s more of him.

Dr. Cutie main cast: Huang Jun Jie, Sun Qian, and Zha Jie. The leads look adorable! Who’s following this drama and is it enjoyable?

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    I’m kinda following Dr. Cutie at the moment. I watched all the earlier episodes without fast forwarding but I started to fast forward the episodes around Ep. 12 or 13 onward. The FL’s character is all about being cute and clumsy – a typical CDrama FL. Her aim was revenge but up until the 20s episode, she did nothing about revenge even though she found out quite early on who are the ones responsible for her parents’ death. It’s mostly about her interactions with the ML and 2nd ML. And when one of the baddies got what he deserved, it was because of the ML’s scheming with zero contribution from the FL. In other words, the baddies would have gotten what they deserved without the FL being in the picture anyway because the ML’s been scheming against them from the very start. This makes the FL’s character and why she dressed up as a male rather redundant, if not for the purpose of romance. And ML won’t find out about her cross-dressing until much much later. I won’t tell you which episode it happens, but it’s quite late in the game. It was as if the writer’s delaying the reveal for the sake of prolonging the drama with cute and misunderstood interactions between the ML and FL. And after the 20-ish episode (won’t tell you which one), the FL suddenly had a character change from being so in love and fully trusting the ML to the point she believed the lies the baddies told her and misunderstood the ML big time. This shows how low IQ her character is. Like I’d said, typical weak “need a prince to save me” type CDrama FL character. I think this is another attempt to prolong the story and to give it more unnecessary twists. The actual story itself is pretty straightforward. So, I’m just waiting for the final episode – the happy ending. Whatever’s coming out this week and next are pretty much “fillers”. The acting is sub-par considering these are mostly young new actors. The ML has a tendency for exaggerated facial expressions.

    That said, this is not a bad drama per se. It’s an average drama with pretty standard characterisations:- strong, smart and cold ML with clumsy, kind, funny, not-so-smart FL, and a somewhat smart and kind 2nd ML. If you have nothing better to watch at the moment, you can watch this to while away time. What I do enjoy a lot is this drama’s OSTs. Despite the average story and acting, the OSTs are surprisingly good. I would say they put in more effort into the OSTs than the drama itself! Totally love 落花詩圖 and it’s meaningful lyrics. I’m glad they played it quite often throughout the drama. The OST sang by Yisa Yu is also good.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sun Qian, Huang Jun Jie, Ariel Lin, Nana Ou-Yang, and Zack Zhang

    Frankly, I follow this average drama because there is nothing much to watch during this period.

    The main reason I continue faithfully is the male lead – HUANG JUN JIE. That guy is pure beauty. Another Xu Kai . Except that Xu Kai is more experienced and therefore a better actor. Huang is only 21 years old.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sun Qian, Huang Jun Jie, Ariel Lin, Nana Ou-Yang, and Zack Zhang

    Funny, how FL is clever enough to live her life disguised as a male, become a doctor considered good enough to initially be considered for the emperor’s court, can talk herself out of every situation – and is too dumb to tie her own shoes at the same time. The perfect conondrum! Only comparable to situation of teenage girls putting on make-up that everybody is supposed to notice – except for their parents at breakfast table before they leave for school.

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