Friday Photoshoots: Hu Ge, Ou Yang Nana, Song Yi, Jiang Jin Fu

Happy Friday drifters!

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Dilraba looking sleek!

 photo dilaa-1.jpg

 photo dilaa-2.jpg

 photo dilaa-3.jpg

 photo dilaa-4.jpg

 photo dilaa-5.jpg

 photo dilaa-6.jpg

 photo dilaa-7.jpg

 photo dilaa-8.jpg

 photo dilaa-9.jpg

Jiang Jin Fu rocking the short army cut.

 photo jiangjj-1.jpg

 photo jiangjj-2.jpg

 photo jiangjj-3.jpg

 photo jiangjj-4.jpg

 photo jiangjj-5.jpg

 photo jiangjj-6.jpg

 photo jiangjj-7.jpg

 photo jiangjj-9.jpg

 photo jiangjj-8.jpg

Zhao Li Ying showing off bling bling for Tiffanys! I really like her stylist here.

 photo liiy-1.jpg

 photo liiy-2.jpg

 photo liiy-3.jpg

 photo liiy-4.jpg

 photo liiy-5.jpg

 photo liiy-6.jpg

Ou Yang Nana growing up before our eyes.

 photo nana-1.jpg

 photo nana-2.jpg

 photo nana-3.jpg

 photo nana-4.jpg

 photo nana-7.jpg

 photo nana-8.jpg

 photo nana-6.jpg

 photo nana-5.jpg

Sun Li. 🙂

 photo sun-1.jpg

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 photo sun-6.jpg

 photo sun-7.jpg

 photo sun-8.jpg

 photo sun-9.jpg

Li Xian!

 photo xian-1.jpg

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 photo xian-6.jpg

 photo xian-5.jpg

 photo xian-4.jpg

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 photo xian-9.jpg

Hu Ge is back in dramaland which means more pretty pics!

 photo huhu-10.jpg

 photo huhu-1.jpg

 photo huhu-3.jpg

 photo huhu-4.jpg

 photo huhu-5.jpg

 photo huhu-6.jpg

 photo huhu-2.jpg

 photo huhu-7.jpg

 photo huhu-8.jpg

 photo huhu-9.jpg

Happy Birthday to Song Yi!

 photo song-2.jpg

 photo song-1.jpg

 photo song-3.jpg

 photo song-4.jpg

 photo song-5.jpg

 photo song-6.jpg

 photo song-7.jpg

  1. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Hu Ge, Ou Yang Nana, Song Yi, Jiang Jin Fu

    Li Xian really seems like the man of the hour, with how many photoshoots he’s getting! I’m not complaining one bit.

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