Cdramas Airing This Week: Pegasus, Yong An Dream, Everyone Loves Me, Detective Chinatown 2, and more

Another week of dramas~

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=======> ♦ Wang Fei Fang Ling San Qian Sui (王妃芳龄三千岁) with Huang Ting Ting and Li Dai Kun began airing 2/26.

Synopsis from TV Time: Three thousand years ago, Mo Bing was betrayed, her heart was cut out, and she became half human and half doll. In order to become a normal human being, Mo Bing searched for thousands of years and found the “Red Flame Heart”, but its owner, Mu Yuanqi, also had three identities. Mo Bing is forced to marry into the house, and in a series of temptations and pulls, a sweet and sadistic drama with purpose and conspiracy slowly unfolds.

=======> ♦ Eternal Brotherhood (紫川) with Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhang Ming En began airing 2/27. Separate post here.

=======> ♦ Palace Shadows: Between Two Princes (嫁东宫) with Xu Zhen Zhen and Lin Ze Hui began airing 2/28.

Synopsis from Drama Box English: The prince of Yan Kingdom, Yu Feichen, is married to Yin Nanyao, the daughter of the general who controls the country. The bride is a substitute killer who came to claim his life. As soon as he entered the palace, he met the prince who died violently and was about to be buried with him. The killer Yue Jian quickly contacted the second prince Ying in the organization, but he didn’t know that it was actually the prince who killed him. The prince plays two roles: fishing and law enforcement. Yue Jian was dealing with the relationship between the Prince’s Mansion and the organization, and he became more and more reluctant to attack Yu Feichen. Yu Feichen, who was looking at the overall situation with two identities, became more and more reluctant to expose Yue Jian…

=======> ♦ Pegasus (飞驰人生热爱篇) with Hu Xian Xu, Wang Yan Lin, and Yu En Tai began airing 2/28. This is the drama adaptation of the movie Pegasus.

Synopsis from Youku: In this story, Zhang Chi, who is a professional racer, suffers a horrible accident at a race and gets seriously injured, leading to his waking up in the 21-year-old body of Lin Zhendong. He tries everything possible to prevent his 24-year-old self from repeating the same mistakes and helps Lin become a professional racer.

=======> ♦ Yong An Dream (永安梦) with Xu Zheng Xi and Ou Yang Nana began airing 2/28. Adapted from the novel written by Fa Da De Lei Xian.

Synopsis from Tencent: Yong’an, the capital city, fell into chaos due to the collapse of the West Canal. Shen Wenqi, the Minister of Works in charge of the construction, was implicated overnight and thrown into prison. “When the nest is overturned, no egg remains intact.” Shen Wenqi’s two daughters, Shen Ran and Shen Zhen, found themselves trapped in a dilemma one after another. Especially Shen Zhen, the youngest daughter, who had always been sheltered in seclusion and was ignorant of the world, now struggled to fend for herself on the streets. During this time, Lu Shiyan, the imperial prosecutor responsible for investigating the case, was perplexed by recurring dreams of his entanglement with a mysterious woman. After verification, he discovered that the mysterious woman in his dreams was Shen Zhen, the daughter of the guilty official. Lu Shiyan gradually approached her, stepping into an unknown fate. As they delved into the West Canal case, they experienced life and death, entrusted each other with faith, and developed a deep affection. With Shen Zhen’s help, Lu Shiyan uncovered the truth behind the case. However, the true mastermind was silently closing in on the two of them.

=======> ♦ Detective Chinatown Season 2 (唐人街探案第二季) with Roy Chiu, Janine Chang, and Shang Yu Xian to air 2/29.

Synopsis from Qiyi: Multiple bizarre cases have surfaced overseas once again, with Lin Mo, the top disciple of Tang Ren, the genius hacker Kiko, and the Kouji Noda tean all making their appearances. Moreover, numerous new detectives and characters have emerged, adding to the excitement! In their quest for the truth, the seasoned detectives reunite, reigniting the storm in Chinatown! This suspenseful story blends humor and profound meaning, presenting a new trend in detective mysteries.

=======> ♦ Sunrise On The River (江河日上) with Huang Zhi Zhong, Mei Ting, and Jiang Wu to air 2/29. Topic on environmental pollution and protection it seems. Adapted from the novel written by Dong Hua Ping.

=======> ♦ Everyone Loves Me (别对我动心) with Zhou Ye and Lin Yi to air 3/1. Based on the novel written by Qiao Yao.

Synopsis from Youku: On the day Yue Qianling (played by Zhou Ye) resigned, she coincidentally crossed paths with her secret crush, Gu Xun (played by Lin Yi), who had just joined as the head of the 9th Business Unit. She didn’t hesitate to return to the company to boldly pursue Gu Xun, but he remained indifferent. He even harshly rejected her confession in front of the entire school. Little did she know, Gu Xun had long fallen for his fearless online friend “Sticky Dough Twist”. Who would have expected that his online friend turned out to be Yue Qianling herself? Upon discovering the truth, Gu Xun had no choice but to embark on a humorous and heartwarming “reverse pursuit” journey.

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