Trailers Galore from iQiYi and Tencent: Who’s The Murderer, Dear Missy, Ancient Love Poetry, Dou Luo Continent, Mirror Twin Cities, Spirit Realm

Here’s a long compilation of teasers and trailers released at various events this past week such as the iQiYi iJoy and Tencent video conference. Sorry, I can’t physically make 20+ separate posts for each of them. I think I have written about the majority before so it’s nothing new. Just a peek from different online platforms for what’s coming up next for them.

Which ones are you looking forward to?

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Movie Updates: A Better Tomorrow 2018, The Dreaming Man, Legends of The Demon Cat, Dunjia, Forever Young

Lots of movies to look forward to!

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Movie Updates: The Thousand Faces of Dunjia, Love Is A Broadway Hit, Hanson and the Beast, Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings

For movie goers!

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Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Episode 5]

LOL! Do not miss this episode! The boys pack their stuff and head to Dubai with the lovely Ruby Lin and Wang Zhi. You can’t miss the scenery and sandy desert and you certainly can’t miss the number of kisses Chen Kun gives his good friend, Ruby. Also, Zheng Yin’s one-sided jealous bursts for his former co-star Wang Zhi whenever the boys touch her. And the exotic dances! OMG. I’m rolling on my stomach watching this at 5AM before heading out to work. =D

A winning episode!

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Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Episode 2]

Love when I see the ladies showing their friendship onscreen. Jiang Xin pulling Ady protectively to her when the boys suggests she plays that awful flinging game (I think?). There is no way someone could convince me to be a kite canon. Both ladies are so chillax! And Ady is shippable with everyone…. especially with the opposite team’s Han Geng. When he gives her a plate of food, I was swooning behind the monitor. I’m so easy… this is how they get me! Argg! I need subtitles to understand The Greatest Love. It hasn’t drawn me in yet. Sigh~

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Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Premiere]

New season! New shows! I’ll most likely be following 24 Hours and The Greatest Love. Everyone is free to throw in recommendations and join the chat for all things variety shows. The Greatest Love will premiere tomorrow so I’ll add it in accordingly.

Gotta shower and catch some sleep before I watch the first episode. 🙂

UPDATE: Added The Greatest Love!

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Zhejiang’s 24 Hours with Chen Kun, Han Geng, and Leo Wu

Replacing the slot of Run Brother is Twenty-Four Hours with 6 men: Chen Kun, Han Geng, Leo Wu Lei, Andrew Yin Zheng, Xu Zheng, and Da Peng. 24 Hours is an outdoor reality show that follows the adventure of 6 men who came 600 years from the past (fancy intro is all). In each episode they will visit a location to learn about the culture and history by playing games and completing missions. Two teams: 1) Chen Kun (team leader), Han Geng, and Leo, 2) Xu Zheng (team leader), Da Peng, and Andrew. Each episode will have two guests.

I think I found my go-to show on friday. The Greatest Love premieres on the 23rd so I’m good this season!

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