Cdramas Airing This Week: My Journey to You, Parallel World, The Eve, Sunshine by My Side, Egg and Stone, and more!

My weekly attempt to get this post out on Friday failed again. Lol

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=======> ♦ A Long Way Home (父辈的荣耀) with Zhang Wan Yi, Guo Tao, and Liu Lin began airing 8/27~

Synopsis from WeTV: The years from 1998 to 2015 marked a transformative era in China’s forestry landscape. During this time, Gu Changshan adopted Xingjie, the son of his deceased partner. After much hesitation, the Gu family decided to send Xingjie abroad for further education. As the wave of layoffs struck, some young people chose to leave, while those who stayed, led by Gu Changshan, charted a new course of “family ecological forestry” to temporarily address the livelihood crisis. In 2007, as a new turning point approached, the project of relocating migrants from remote mountainous areas began, aiming to protect the environment and improve their quality of life. The 923 Work Team faced the challenge of venturing out again. Xingjie was also brought back to the mountains. After resolving the family crisis, he took on the task of mobilizing the migrants. In doing so, he found his own value and made the decision to stay, shouldering the mission of forestry reform. Against the backdrop of a comprehensive logging restriction in 2014 and 2015, Xingjie responded to the call of “clear waters and green mountains are as valuable as mountains of gold and silver”. He, along with his family and more people from the forested areas, embarked on a journey toward a better life.

=======> ♦ Incomparable Beauty (无与伦比的美丽) with Chen Xiao and Guli Nazha began airing 8/28~

=======> ♦ The Eve (前夜) with Ou Hao and Zhang Hui Wen began airing on 8/29.

Synopsis from Wetv: Lin Xi, a member of a dockside gang, finds himself unintentionally caught in an intelligence war between the Bureau of Investigation and Statistics (BIS) and Japanese invaders due to a key. Alongside his good friend Li Yunfei, they cross paths with Su Nan, a forward-thinking student, and Zhou Yingqun, an upright and principled BIS agent. As the enigma surrounding the key gradually unravels, it sets off clashes among gangs and sparks nationwide turmoil. Amid the turmoil, Lin Xi, Zhou Yingqun, and Li Yunfei form a profound brotherly bond, navigating through life-threatening scenarios. Lin Xi develops affection for Su Nan and embraces communist ideals. Seven years later, the scattered trio reunites in Jinzhou, and their status drastically alters. Driven by differing goals, they compete on the battleground of intelligence for their respective camps. With new grudges and old resentments, they grow opposing ideals. Amidst intelligence battles and gunfire, the trio calmly accepts their fates. They find peace in their choices, reconcile with each other, and unravel the enemy’s schemes through blood and flesh, unyielding love and ideals. Ultimately, they steadfastly uphold their inner ideals and beliefs.

=======> ♦ The Brightest of Us (最灿烂的我们) with Zhang Tian Ai and Sheng Yi Lun began airing 8/30~ Oh, a reunion between the leads from their hit drama Go Princess Go!

=======> ♦ Back to Seventeen (我回到十七岁的理由) with Zhang Miao Yi and Fang Xiao Dong began airing 8/30~

=======> ♦ Egg and Stone (少女闯江湖) with Xu Lu, Wu Xi Ze, and Riley Wang began airing on 8/31~

Synopsis by Qiyi: Huo Xingchen, the daughter of the chief of the renowned Wuyue Sect, takes a decisive step into the martial world to defy the fate imposed upon her and to resist an unwanted arranged marriage. Along her journey, she crosses paths with Jiang Buting, an investigator delving into the case of a missing martial artist. Through a series of fateful encounters, they join forces and embark on a shared adventure. Along the way, they befriend numerous martial artists, uncover the truth behind the appearances of enigmatic figures in the martial world, and ultimately expose the schemes of two formidable villains, Mu Lang and Song Changsheng. As Huo Xingchen matures during the course of her investigation, she unravels intricate plots and deceptions, eventually realizing her ideals. She claims her rightful position as the leader of the Wuyue Sect, all while finding true love amidst the challenges.

=======> ♦ Forever Love (盲心千金) with Chen Fang Tong and Dai Gao Zheng began airing 8/31~

=======> ♦ Dear Mr Hermitage (亲爱的隐居先生) with Chen Jing Ke and Tang Min began airing on 8/31~

=======> ♦ Sunshine by My Side (骄阳伴我) with Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He began airing 9/1~

Synopsis from Qiyi: Jian Bing is a well-known advertising director in the industry, and Sheng Yang is a newcomer to society. Two people in a restaurant encounter, one just ended the marriage, one waiting for love fruitless, two strangers so bonded, launched a wonderful, romantic love and growth of the road. In the company of Sheng Yang, Jian Bing regains her confidence in life and love; Sheng Yang under the guidance and encouragement of Jian Bing, grow up from the green reckless youth, come on. They heal each other, grow together, and fall in love. However, obstacles cannot be avoided in reality. In the face of differences in identity and experience, family members oppose and workplace rumors abound, Jian Bing and Sheng Yang decide to give the future to time. Three years let two people grow and change. Too many firsts in their lives were dedicated to each other, and it was this trust and experience that helped them become better versions of themselves, come full circle and walk towards each other again.

=======> ♦ My Journey to You (云之羽) with Zhang Ling He and Yu Shu Xin began airing 9/2. This was a surprise drop!

Synopsis from Qiyi: The growth story of the rebellious son-in-law Gong Ziyu and the spy Yun Weishan who yearns for freedom—he lost his father and brother overnight and was appointed to become the head of the family when he was in danger, swinging back and forth. For the first time, Guo Jingming personally directed a feature-length TV series, bringing the gorgeous and treacherous new Jianghu and the visual imagination space of martial arts dramas, presenting a coquettish and magnificent audio-visual feast.

=======> ♦ Capture Her (束手就擒吧韩队长) with Chen Si Che and Huang Ting Xuan to air 9/5 ~

=======> ♦ After being postponed for a month, I Am Nobody (异人之下), adapted from the web comic The Outcast has resumed airing with Peng Yu Chang and Hou Ming Hao.

=======> ♦ Be With You (我有一个朋友) with Xie Xing Yang and Su Meng Di to air 9/6.

=======> ♦ My Annoying Roommate (同学你什么时候从我家搬走) with Ji Mei Han and Zhang Jia Shuo to air 9/6.

=======> ♦ The Snow Moon (风月如雪) with Nicky Li Jia Qi and Zuo Ye to air 9/7.

=======> ♦ Parallel World (西出玉门) with Ni Ni, Bai Yu, and Jin Han to air 9/7.

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