Cdramas Airing This Week: My Journey to You, Parallel World, The Eve, Sunshine by My Side, Egg and Stone, and more!

My weekly attempt to get this post out on Friday failed again. Lol

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Upcoming Airing Dramas: My Super Hero, Heroes, Legacy, A Robot in the Orange Orchard, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader, Hua Rong 2, and more

Lol @ Baron’s death stare

More dramas dropped their air dates these past few days… here’s a compilation!

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Hug You Through Lies: Chinese remake of Taiwanese drama with Tang Min and Liu Yu Han

Hug You Through Lies (穿过谎言拥抱你) is a remake of 2007’s Taiwanese drama My Lucky Star with Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na. The story follows our heroine who poses as a jewelry con artist to trick people into buy fake expensive jewelries. She meets our hero – a spoiled rich young master of a jewelry company who ran away after stealing a precious necklace from his family. They become friends and he also happens to be the only person who believes her when she’s telling the truth and encourages her to step out of her past mistakes and pursue a career as a jewelry designer. She, in turn, helps him see the value of jewelries and his family’s hard work.

I do not recognize the male lead at all but he was in Twelve Legends and Love Like White Jade this past year.

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Tang Min becomes a General’s Lady for Wu Xi Ze in an arranged marriage

Adapted from the novel written by Yan Bo Jiang Nan, General’s Lady (将军家的小娘子) features Tang Min and Wu Xi Ze as the leads. The story follows our heroine, who has a noble background and is married off to General Chu. She quickly falls in love with him and uses her wits to solve many problems for the Chu’s army. However, the Chu’s family is targeted by the Emperor and he takes her parents as hostages, making her his eyes and ears.

He looks like a baby. Lol. They are sickeningly sweet in the stills. xD

Airing 10/9!

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Cdrama Updates: General’s Lady, Be Together, Love Script, Youth UnPrescribed, Swin To Sky

Happy July 4th everyone! Stay safe!

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Cdramas Updates: Legend of Fei, Go Ahead, Young Lady of the General’s House, These Brothers Have Some Problems

Quite a few dramas started filming today! Happy Monday folks!

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