Tears in Heaven with Li Qin, Shawn Dou, and Zhang Yun Long drops new trailer, gearing up for premiere (finally!)

Poor drama, the team is pretty self-aware on weibo, even listing the number of days Tears In Heaven has been shelved (1086 days). The drama is adapted from stepmother Fei Wo Si Cun‘s novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花). The synopsis I wrote in 2017… Lol: Reporter Du Xiao Su (Li Qin) meets and falls in love with doctor Shao Zhen Rong (Zhang Yun Long), but his mother is passionately against their love. During his medical trip to the mountains, our doctor dies in a mudslide. To forget the pain of his death, our heroine works and works until exhaustion sends her to the hospital. All her suffering is witnessed by Lei Yu Zheng (Shawn Dou) and he silently helps her from the side, which provokes the wrath of our resident second female lead (Wang Rui Zi), who makes our heroine’s life at work harder. More scheming happens to make Yu Zheng’s company fall and with the support of Xiao Su, he makes a comeback and their misunderstanding is eventually cleared up.

Shawn’s character needs a name change, STAT!


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Shawn Dou returns all the love to Li Qin in Tears of Heaven

Now that Princess Agents has shown us how Yan Xun royally does not love Yuan Chun, Shawn Dou will have to repay all the feelings to Li Qin in their melo modern drama Tears of Heaven (海上繁花). New stills have been released, right on time for our princess’s dark transformation going forward. This is adapted from Fei Wo Si Cun‘s novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花) so there’s a lot of angst and sadness for everyone…

Now….now… Shawn, let’s get a reunion with Li Ying to cure my broken heart. I’m waiting. Lol!

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Tears in Heaven Trailer: Li Qin’s devastated between Zhang Yun Long and Shawn Dou

Errgawd. This is so sad (why must they look so happy?!). I was giggling my way through the first trailer until the show reminds me it’s a melodrama, adapted from stepmother Fei Wo Si Cun‘s novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花) and officially called Tears in Heaven. Li Qin looks so sweet with both male leads, especially with Zhang Yun Long since they have a happy period together before krap hits the fan and he literally goes to heaven. The female lead role is very heavy in the book as she carries heartbreak and devastation from one relationship to another, torn between past love, current love, and future love. Yes, that’s three men in total but one of them is a bag of dirt compared to the other two.

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First Stills of Tears in Heaven with Li Qin and Shawn Dou

Awfully bright and cute stills for a drama dubbed as melo. Seriously, they are so cute and bright in the photos. Why can’t she have a twin? Why can’t she have both? Both boys (Shawn Dou and Zhang Yun Long) are tall, handsome, and have great smiles. Li Qin seems like the sweetest girl around too. GAHHHHHHHH.

Tears in Heaven (海上繁花) is the drama adaptation of novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花) written by Fei Wo Si Cun.

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Shawn Dou, Li Qin, and Zhang Yun Long for Tears In Heaven

Ready or not, here comes another melodrama dropped in your laps! Tears In Heaven is the English name for the drama adaptation of novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花) written by Fei Wo Si Cun. After reading the summary, I now know why Miss Fei’s nickname is Stepmother. She’s very cruel to her characters, especially the female lead, hence I admit to not being a fan of her stories. But it seems like producers are drawn to them, adapting one after another. Some of her novels-to-dramas include Too Late to Say I Love You, Sealed With A Kiss, Chronicle of Life, and Siege in Fog. In the latest project, she has secured the lovely faces of Shawn Dou, Li Qin, and Zhang Yun Long to play out her melodrama. WHYYYYYYYY. I love these kids and so watching them suffer is ideally not the best but it will be a challenge for the boys as I have yet to see them emotionally challenged.

But after reading the drama synopsis, looks like changes have been made, so yay and nay for that…

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