Cdrama Updates: Wei You An Xiang Lai, The Assassin, Le You Yuan, The Road to Home, Gong Su Jing Ying

Happy Weekends! Wooohoo!

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=======> ♦ Wei You An Xiang Lai (为有暗香来) with Zhou Ye and Wang Xing Yue wrapped up filming and released some new stills! A few guest roles with Peng Xian Ran and Sun Yi. Adapted from the novel written by Qi Yue Li. Seems like a time-traveling drama and the female lead retains her memory as she travels to different worlds, taking on different jobs, etc. Sounds interesting. Has anyone read this? Novel is being translated at Novel Multiverse.

=======> ♦ Draw the Line (底线) with Cheng Yi, Cai Wen Jing, and Jin Dong drops new posters!

=======> ♦ Life is a Long Quiet River (心居) with Hai Qing, Tong Yao, and Zhang Song Wen to air 3/17!

Qiyi describes the story: In the eyes of Feng Xiaoqin, her 37-year-old sister-in-law Gu Qingyu is a “leftover lady”, but in front of her, Feng Xiaoqin always says “Qingyu, you’re the person that I admire the most.”

Gu Qingyu is full of doubts about this migrant sister-in-law. Her brother Gu Lei is a crippled man, and he doesn’t have a single good point, apart from his Shanghai registered permanent residence. Gu Qingyu doesn’t trust this woman who’s obviously desperate to change her life. But sometimes, she hopes that this woman is really in love with her brother.

The story starts with Gu Qingyu’s “fake marriage” in order to buy a house. It tells the great changes that the four generations of the Gu family experience in the process of replacing their houses. Gu Lei dies unexpectedly, and Feng Xiaoqin grows up step by step, to take care of the family alone. Gu Qingyu’s transition from flash marriage to flash divorce also subverts her understanding of life and family.

=======> ♦ Paternity Appraiser (亲子鉴定师手记) with Wan Yan Luo Rong and Xu Xiao Han drops new trailer.

=======> ♦ Bai Tuo Le! Da Xia (拜托了!大侠) with Mu Zi Yang and Cao Wan Jin to air 3/14.

=======> ♦ Wuxia drama Love and Sword (沉鱼记) with Gao Wei Guang and Xuan Lu began filming this week. Based on the novel by Ning Xin Er.

What did they do to his hair!

=======> ♦ Historical suspenseful drama The Assassin (隐娘) with Qin Lan and Zheng Ye Cheng began filming this week.

Sneak Peek of their historical looks! ZYC, what a transformation!

=======> ♦ Le You Yuan (乐游原) with Jing Tian and Xu Kai began filming last week. No official booting yet. Based on an unpublished wuxia novel by Fei Wo Si Cun. My eyebrows are raised.

But they look so cute together in the below video. Aww. PW to view: jtxk

Netizens are joking that Jing Tian brings marital blessings to her co-workers. After she finished Glory of the Dynasty, Ren Jia Lun announced his marriage. Then after City of Streamer, Xu Wei Zhou also announced his marriage (just this week!) Third time with Xu Kai? 😛

=======> ♦ The Road to Home (归路) with Tan Song Yun and Boran Jing began filming last week. Based on the novel written by Mo Bao Fei Bao. Read the translated novel at Hui3r’s blog. First loves meet again years later type of story.

=======> ♦ Gong Su Jing Ying (公诉精英) with Dilireba and Tong Da Wei began filming this week.

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    ohh jing tian and xu ka look so cute in the clip you posted!! yay!! lol @ the marriage

    also looking forward to the road to home just for the leads, not so much the story

    then the assassin with qin lan and zheng ye cheng! he finally looks like a man hahaha

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