Cdramaland Updates: Sassy Beauty, Shining For One Thing, Cupid’s Kitchen, The Comic Bang, Brilliant Class 8, Tiger Crane, and more!

Playing catch-up! News keep getting longer and piling up and impossible to be up-to-date daily.

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Wang Yu Wen and Wang Zi Qi enter contract marriage in Once We Get Married

Once We Get Married (只是结婚的关系) features a trope as old as time – a contract marriage between a fashion buyer and a CEO. Lol. Adapted from a novel, so maybe there’s some freshness? 😀

Airing 10/8~

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The Longest Promise (Yu Gu Yao) with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min wraps up filming and releases New Stills

The Longest Promise (玉骨遥) is an upcoming fantasy drama based loosely on the novel Zhu Yan (prequel to the Li Yi Feng’s Mirror drama) written by Cang Yue (Listening Snow Tower). Ren Min plays a kind and headstrong princess of the Chi Clan who escapes an arranged marriage (her name is the name of the novel; looks like we can expect a lot of changes to make this Male Lead-centered drama), and Xiao Zhan plays a cold and aloof royal prince who is sent to the mountains to cultivate (due to the Grand Priest’s premonition of him falling in love with a girl). He is nine years older than her and she becomes his disciple… their destiny and romance tied to the future of Kong Sang Kingdom. At one point, she draws his blood. If you like the leads (or one of them) stabbing one another, this is your drama! 😛

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Su Xiao Tong and Wang Zi Qi team up to solve cases in The Imperial Coroner

The Imperial Coroner (御赐小仵作) is an upcoming detective drama based on the novel written by Qing Xian Ya Tou. The story follows our heroine as she makes her way from the countryside to make her dream come true as a female coroner. On her journey, she meets our hero, a Prince, who then recruits her to solve a case that lasted 18 years. Her abilities begin to shine and she’s approved by the emperor to become an imperial coroner!

Airing 4/29~

I recognize our female lead from Young Blood (I still need to finish that series!)

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Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 with Xu Zheng Xi and Wang Yu Wen prepares to air

I totally forgot they were filming a sequel to Novoland: The Castle in the Sky. Part 2 will be following the journey of the leads’ daughter in part 1 and she is played by Wang Yu Wen. With powerful forces trying to gain power by kidnapping our heroine, she’s aided by a strong cultivator, played by Jeremy Xu Zheng Xi.

No concrete air date yet but it’s pretty soon ~

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