Cdramaland Updates: Sassy Beauty, Shining For One Thing, Cupid’s Kitchen, The Comic Bang, Brilliant Class 8, Tiger Crane, and more!

Playing catch-up! News keep getting longer and piling up and impossible to be up-to-date daily.

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Zhang Hao Wei becomes The Master of Cheongsam with Gai Yue Xi

Qiyi’s synopsis: After Lu Yuan Zhi fell apart with his teacher and suffered oppression from his seniors, he left Beiping and headed to Shanghai. With his hard work, he earned recognition in Shanghai. When war erupted in Beiping, Lu Yuan Zhi headed back and swore not to make cheongsams for the Japanese. He used his skills to become one of the greatest costume designers of China.

Interesting topic and I expect to see a lot of pretty cheongsam/qipao!

Airing 8/31~

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Lay and Chen Dou Ling in Chinese Remake of Operation Love

Another case of remakes making its round across Asia. It’s the remake of Japanese drama Operation Love (プロポーズ大作戦) which aired in 2007 with Nagasawa Masami and Tomohisa Yamashita as leads. The Chinese remake stars EXO’s Lay (The Mystic Nine) and movie actress Chen Dou Ling (The Left Ear). I’ll say that I was worried with the news since neither impressed me with their first big acting project, but now the stills and the first trailer show them being adorably harmless and cute, I feel much better! It’s basically a second-chance at happily-ever-after with the hero being given the opportunity to travel back in time and right his regrets.

If only we all have Julian Cheung as our second-chance guardiam angel. Heh.

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When A Snail Falls In Love: Episode 1 – 3 “Animal Kingdom.”

I finally started to watch this drama. Funny how things worked out. From the promos, I was initially more drawn to Memory Lost but the ending themesong of Snail caught me by surprise. Such a lovely song by Joey Z. Each episode went by pretty quick and I found myself liking our chosen team members from the Animal Kingdom. Lol.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (13)

A lot of trailers released since the Shanghai Film/Drama Festival was held a while back and quite a few startling news. Maybe just one…and hopefully, the good news balance it out… XD

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Polished trailer for Taekwondo Girl promises kicks and tears

Much better. See, I knew you guys can do better than the krappy trailer from the last time, even if a fanmade version could still be miles ahead of your fancy video-editing softwares. Lol. Go fangirls! I support all of you!

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Hu Bing Qing’s Taekwondo drama with Yang Yang drops first teaser

I was ready to love this drama until I was let down by its subpar 1-minute teaser, featuring numerous fighting scenes. I want to send it right back to the editing team and tell them, “You are paid to do this, do it right!” Hence why I think productions should hire FANS to do their posters and trailers because they do it right and they do it better. The silly PAH sound effect they added for each kick and punch is silly. Anyway, they have another month to film and give me a better trailer. Taekwondo Girl is a drama adaptation of the novel Xuan Feng Shao Nv written by Ming Xiao Xi, and another one of those live-shooting projects HunanTV is adopting, just like how Korea sweetly treats its actors. So many other things to mimic, and yet they pick the worst thing to copy!

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