Cdramas to air: Who Rules The World, My Sassy Princess, Lan Yan Tu Ji, See You Tomorrow, Records of Foreign Matters

Aren’t they cute? I started this post last week… and kinda got side-tracked with other stuff. Most of the dramas aired already. Lol. XD

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=======> ♦ A Year Without a Job (没有工作的一年) with La Mu Yang Zi, Wan Peng, and Zhai Zi Lu began airing 4/11. The girls look absolutely adorable! The title of this drama though, I was once jobless for a few years too. The struggles.

=======> ♦ Jiang Nan Si Yu (江南思雨) with Danson Tang and Nie Shi began airing 4/11. Daughter of a fashion company working her way through crises to save the company.

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=======> ♦ Records of Foreign Matters (异物志) with Shao Zhuang, Yang Yu, and Tang Xiao Ran began airing 4/14. Investigations of mysterious events/murders with sprinkles of fantasy involved (magical objects?).

PW to view: records

=======> ♦ See You Tomorrow (明天也想见到你) with Zhang Chu Han and Zhang Kang Le began airing 4/14.

Qiyi describes the plot: Ding Liao Liao, a new writer and director of Jiangxia TV’s livelihood program, is enthusiastic and cheerful; Jiang Kan, a doctor of pharmacy, have little words and is indifferent. Two people with completely opposite personalities became roommates by chance. A series of wild incidents occurred between the two people who became intertwined with work and life. The two also went from being disliking each other at the beginning to understanding and opening up to each other. heart. Sharing the house is also younger brother, Ding Man, and ace anchor Lian Geyao who are enjoying a sweet love life which bud from a two-way crush. Two pairs of young men and women have created stories of large and small, humorous or delicate and warm in their daily life. The four hard-working protagonists will eventually work together to face the test of life and welcome every tomorrow.

=======> ♦ Blue Flame Assault or Lan Yan Tu Ji (蓝焰突击) with Ren Jia Lun and Chen Xiao Yun to air on 4/16.

Synopsis from Fresh Drama: Before joining the team, LI Xicheng was a hero who fought fire. Although he has a glorious past, the harsh reality hits him hard. In order to train the recruits into real special-duty elites, YE Qiheng, the deputy captain, has made a special training plan to hone the mentality and will of LI Xicheng and the others. After trials of life and death like the fire in the warehouse, the chemical leakage, the serious car accident, and the serial explosion, LI Xicheng truly realizes from the bottom of his heart that as a special-duty fireman, he has more to face than those dangers. During the arduous growth along with WEN Yibing, a fire investigator who can never be over Accident 102, and the other teammates, in face of the brotherhood from the past, LI Xicheng sees the nobleness in this team. In the end, LI Xicheng finds a lifetime cause worth fighting for. That is to become a frontline fireman, a true hero in harm’s way, who is willing to sacrifice his life to honor his loyalty.

=======> ♦ My Sassy Princess (祝卿好) with Yuan Bing Yan and Zheng Ye Cheng to air 4/16.

=======> ♦ Who Rules The World (且试天下) with Zhao Lu Si and Yang Yang to air on 4/18!

Per Tencent: A legendary wuxia romance that focuses on the decade-long romance between Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi, and the adventures they embark on together.

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    no sub for Records of Foreign Matters, anyone watching it? mildly curious

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