Revenge Costume drama Kill My Sins confirms leads in Liu Shi Shi and Shawn Dou Xiao

Kill My Sins (掌心) is a female-centric revenge costume drama. Our heroine hails from a physician family, intelligent and talented. But at a young age, her skills in hypnosis (?) was used by those in power to seduce young girls. When the crimes were leaked, court Counselor tried to gather evidence to charge the officials involved, but all evidence disappeared over night and he found himself and his clan falsely accused, leading to the deaths of his entire family. Our heroine’s family was hunted down and exterminated, and she is the lone survivor. Eighteen years later, she comes to Chang’an as a wandering physician under a different name. Our hero is a young magistrate who lusts after power, he’s cold and ruthless. Even though he’s talented, he’s looked down by other officials for not being of noble blood. Their paths cross when one of her patients die and she’s the last person at the crime scene. He’s in charge of the case. Although he senses something is amiss, he’s too eager to pin the blame on our heroine to rise the ranks. But is our heroine truly innocent, or has the wheels of vengeance already started? MUAHHAHHAHAH. Ok, I added in the last part. XD

Booting ceremony is held today! Other cast members I see: Zheng Ye Cheng and Xuan Lu.

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Booting Ceremony 3/4:

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