New Promo: Bounty Hunters, Time Raiders, Precious Youth, Les Interpreter

Quick Mini Updates before the weekend. Finally. It’s still raining here so that means… heavens want me to marathon Back To 1989 when I get home from work. =D

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

Caught a break and went to watch The Jungle Book with my little boy. Seems like the running theme in all Disney movies is identifying and enhancing one’s sense of self (be the best of you!) Haven’t watched the original movie or animation series, but I enjoyed the movie and loved it quite a bit. Baloo and his jokes got me rolling.

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Trailers Galore: Upcoming Cdramas, Movies, Shows 2016 (2)


Darn April’s Fool!! It sucks when I literally believe everything people say. I mean, they say it so earnestly (such good actors around me). I fell three times today, one of them involved an onscreen pair I really like…dating. LOL! Then my brother called me at 6AM telling me to go bail him out.


So how’s your day so far? 😀

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Missed chances in Liu Shi Shi’s Precious Youth second trailer

Every joint in my body is sore and in pain! Just did an obstacle challenge with a few co-workers (without training for it!) and I’m suffering! Tsk Tsk. Anyway, I really hope the youth section in this modern drama is longer than three episodes because I need to see Liu Shi Shi smiling and looking cute in her braids. She looks so sad grown-up in the stills! Ryan Zheng manages to pull off the Japanese delinquent look and the spiffy suits in his adult years. Precious Youth follows the good old trope of bad-boy-meets-good-girl as they miss the chance to follow through with their youthful romance. Years later, both are now with another person when they meet again and those hidden feelings rise to surface.

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Liu Shi Shi and Ryan Zheng’s Precious Youth unveils trailer

Another urban youth drama! And it’s the classic good-girl-bad-boy trope. It’s nice to see Liu Shi Shi in a modern setting, especially in one where her character has a temper and she gets to show off her real life ballet training. Ryan Zheng stars as the male lead and he’s the typical naughty bad boy during high school. They like each other but the love never blossoms due to youthful naivety and confusion. They meet each other years later, each walking a different path, making different life choices. Will the sweetness of youth be strong enough to pull them back together?

You know, all these dramas about meeting past loves/crushes make me nervous sometimes. I don’t know what I’d do if I see my high school crush again. Lol. Maybe I’d run and hide behind the corner. But in the drama universe, he would stop right before the corner. Tskk Tskk!!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (15)

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