New Promo: Bounty Hunters, Time Raiders, Precious Youth, Les Interpreter

Quick Mini Updates before the weekend. Finally. It’s still raining here so that means… heavens want me to marathon Back To 1989 when I get home from work. =D

=======> ♦ First up we have The Lost Tomb Movie, now called Time Raiders. Improvement? Check!

New Posters and Some Old Stills. C’mon, production, stop being cheap with the stills!

Boran Jing and Lu Han, looking good.

 photo Tomb 50.jpg

 photo Tomb 49.jpg

Sandra Ma and her silver hair! YESH!

 photo Tomb 48.jpg

 photo Tomb 47.jpg

 photo Tomb 46.jpg

 photo Tomb 45.jpg

 photo Tomb 44.jpg

=======> ♦ Collaborated movie Bounty Hunters with Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan. The new trailer teases us about the the love triangle. I’m really liking Wallace’s facial expressions in here. And dare I say it but his might be the runaway character of the movie.


 photo Hunters 17.jpg

 photo Hunters 18.jpg

 photo Hunters 19.jpg

 photo Hunters 20.jpg

 photo Hunters 21.jpg

 photo Hunters 22.jpg

Second Trailer:

=======> ♦ Precious Youth is coming in 5 days (May 10th)! I think I might check out the teenagers version of Liu Shi Shi and Ryan Zheng before quitting the adulthood. Lol. Unless they hook me! Check out the long…long trailer. Basically a big fat spoiler.

17-minute Trailer:

 photo Youth 52.jpg

 photo Youth 53.jpg

 photo Youth 54.jpg

 photo Youth 55.jpg

 photo Youth 56.jpg

 photo Youth 57.jpg

 photo Youth 58.jpg

 photo Youth 59.jpg

 photo Youth 60.jpg

 photo Youth 61.jpg

=======> ♦ Rounding out the news is The Interpreter with Huang Xuan and Yang Mi.

OTPs Teaser:

 photo Les 36.jpg

 photo Les 35.jpg

 photo Les 34.jpg

 photo Les 33.jpg

 photo Les 32.jpg

 photo Les 31.jpg

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  1. 2 thoughts on “New Promo: Bounty Hunters, Time Raiders, Precious Youth, Les Interpreter

    boran looks like he’s about to die from the overcoating. lol. luhan looks good but he seldom doesn’t.

    honestly, i thought wallace’s character is gay in the first trailer. surprised to see a love triangle. almost forgot he and tang yan were in sunshine together! lol. but competition with lee min ho is tough.

    shi shi looks adorable in high school!!

  2. 2 thoughts on “New Promo: Bounty Hunters, Time Raiders, Precious Youth, Les Interpreter

    Er….. that’s Liu Shishi? I didn’t recognize her in that poster at all, lol.

    That hair on Luhan, haha! Not sure if this version of Daomu will be good, but at least Ah Ning is donning the short hair she is supposed to be…

    And Tang Tang looks extremely hot in that getup (plus gun) 😀

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