Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

Caught a break and went to watch The Jungle Book with my little boy. Seems like the running theme in all Disney movies is identifying and enhancing one’s sense of self (be the best of you!) Haven’t watched the original movie or animation series, but I enjoyed the movie and loved it quite a bit. Baloo and his jokes got me rolling.

=======> ♦ More adorable stills of So I Married An Anti-Fan with Yuan Shan Shan and Park Chan Yeol.

 photo Bat33ch 55.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 47.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 50.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 48.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 53.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 54.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 51.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 52.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 56.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 49.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 57.jpg

=======> ♦ First stills for Bounty Hunters.

 photo Bat33ch 36.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 37.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 39.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 40.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 38.jpg

=======> ♦ More romantic stills for movie Edge of Innocence with Huang Zi Tao and Yang Cai Yu.

 photo Bat33ch 42.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 43.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 41.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 46.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 45.jpg

=======> ♦ Republican drama, Double Thorn (双刺), with Zu Feng and Wang Zi Wen. Oh Lord. The pairing! How awkward! But it does look intense.

 photo Bat33ch 20.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 21.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 16.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 17.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 18.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 19.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 15.jpg

=======> ♦ New Posters for Wong Fei Hung (国世无双黄飞鸿) with Ryan Zheng and Haden Kuo.

 photo Bat33ch 27.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 35.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 34.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 33.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 32.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 31.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 30.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 29.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 28.jpg

=======> ♦ New trailers for Magical Space Time (奇妙的时光之旅). Singer A-Lin will sing the themesong, “Happiness is Too Short.”

=======> ♦ Food movie, temporarily named The Battle of King Chef (锋味江湖之决战食神), with Nicholas Tse, Tang Yan, Jung Yong Hwa, Michelle Bai, Du Hai Tao began filming 4/25/16.

 photo Bat33ch 24.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 25.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 26.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 23.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 22.jpg

=======> ♦ Trailer for movie Tik Tok (惊天大逆转) with Wallace Chung and Korean actor, Lee Jung Jae. Wallace looks good here!

 photo Bat33ch 13.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 12.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 14.jpg

=======> ♦ Beside Janine Chang, Hu Bing Qing, Stephy Qi, and Jam Hsiao are also in Midnight Diner (深夜食堂), starring Huang Lei as the midnight chef.

 photo Bat33ch 9.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 6.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 7.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 8.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 5.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 4.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 10.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 3.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 11.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 2.jpg

 photo Bat33ch 1.jpg

=======> ♦ First Love with Hawick Lau, Gulnazar, and Sun Yi Zhou. Opening song and a teaser.

=======> ♦ Behind the scenes with Liu Shi Shi and Ryan Zheng on Precious Youth set.

=======> ♦ First trailer for Feng Shao Feng‘s movie My Best Friend’s Wedding with Shu Qi and Victoria Song. Remake, lar! By the time the minute is over, I’m confused at the real wedding. There is gonna be one after all, yes?

=======> ♦ Booting ceremony for Chinese remake of Women of the Sun starring Nicky Wu and Stephy Qi took place on 4/26/16. Back to the work for the hubby! Poster below.

=======> ♦ Nick Wang Kai‘s first onscreen kiss 10 years ago was recently revealed. HA. It took place when he was still a student at the drama academy. He was fierce!

Holding close even for script reading. *wink*

 photo Stay 14.jpg

=======> ♦ Alec Su‘s next directorial film project, The Devotion of Suspect X (容疑者Xの献身), from Japanese writer Keigo Higashinois is looking to lock down Nick Wang Kai and Edward Zhang Lu Yi as leads.

=======> ♦ Coffee Prince Lab to start filming 4/26/16.

=======> ♦ The OTP that shall not be in Fifteen Years of Migratory BirdsSun Yi and Deng Lun, will be reuniting in a new drama Because of Meeting You (因为遇见你). Korea’s MBC will have a part in producing the youth drama.

=======> ♦ Wallace Chung confirms another drama for himself, loosely translated to The Road to Bid Farewell is filled with Flowers (一路繁花相送) He ain’t resting anytime soon, both in dramas and tv! I think he has a room in Hawick Lau’s underground filming chamber. XD

=======> ♦ Sun Jian (as He Xia) and Gan Ting Ting (as Princess Yao Tian) will join Wallace Chung and Angelababy in A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated. Filming to begin 4/28/16.

=======> ♦ Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen clarify that their wedding plans are not in July, but at the end of this year. They are in no rush, though.

=======> ♦ Lu Han is courted for an ancient series Fighter of the Destiny (擇天記). Filming to begin in late May.

=======> ♦ Kristy Zhang will be playing princess of the Qi State and Rebecca Wang will play her mother in an upcoming palace series, The Legend of Zhong Er (重耳传).

=======> ♦ Peter Ho and Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun began filming for new movie Rules of the Game (游戏规则) on 4/22/16. Other actors include Gulnazar and Huang Zi Tao. A film remake of Shanghai Bund.

=======> ♦ An ancient series, Da Xia Ri Tian (大侠日天) with a complete set of new faces began filming last week 4/18/16. The leads are Jiang Long, Dai Wen Wen, Liu Shuai, and Zhang Xin Ying.

 photo Bat33ch 68.jpg

=======> ♦ Hua Qian Gu’s son Zheng Ye Cheng (Nan Xian Yue) and enemy Li Chun (was Ni Man Tian) are the main characters in the live adaptation of Chinese animation series, Hua Jiang Hu Zhi Bu Liang Ren (画江湖之不良人). Look at their amazing costumes below!!

 photo Bat33ch 69.jpg

//end sarcasm. Lol.

=======> ♦ Zhao Li Ying was photographed eating dinner with Yang Zi! I was so thrilled when I read this news because that means they are friends! The new grilled fish restaurant has quite a few investors, including Li Ying. Lol. The gifs below are from HNTV quick promo videos of their upcoming shows. Check out the brief second in the gifset. She’s feeding one of the TFBoys. hehe. During her mini break, she was filming for a new ad for a brand of feminine product. It’s believed she will have a song in Rouge soundtrack. The Legend of Chu Qiao is said to be delayed to 5/12/16.

Another badass fanmade mv between Li Ying and Nick. This time, it’s a modern thriller!

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  1. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Thanks for the updates! But correction, the actor is Lee Jung Jae^^ I didn’t know they filmed a movie together though! haha it’s funny cause I always thought Wallace is a younger version of him

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      Fixed! I think in one of the older batch, I mentioned their filming together. But too many news to remember. XD I had the same thought when they stood next to each other the first time! Especially their raised cheeks when they smile.

  2. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    i always think that Tang Yan is the female version of Hawick. lols… and now, perhaps, we should add Wallace Chung too to be a trio. 😛

    but seriously, Wallace Chung looks younger in the trailer with that Korean ajjussi.
    and standing beside LMH, aaahh my Wallace still looks more handsome #bias

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR MIDNIGHT DINER C-version. i always admire every version. this drama makes me hungry in every episode 😀

    i heard that Chen Qiao En has a boyfriend. if she has not… i’ll ship her with WK. even i’ll be in pain for letting WK go… hahaha kidding. when will their drama air? does it already finish filming?

    oh ya, last night i watched Hawick’s drama Thinking of you and i quit. ught… why he always took the same ‘role’ again and again??? just wondering 🙂

    thank you.

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      I still ship CZA with ex bf Louis Koo. As long as they are both single they can alwayd get back together.

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      Stay with Me has an air date in August.

      I’m guessing it’s because he’s the go-to actors for those roles. He’s not picky anymore!

  3. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    The visuals of Jungle Book were really amazing! The animals looked so good, especially the details of the wolves’ fur and the little boy actor was really just acting on his own the whole time. I thoroughly enjoyed it too 😀

    Wait, why am i talking about Jungle Book here, hahahaha.

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      It was amazing! When I learned that the poor kid acted by himself throughout the whole movie, I almost cried! That kid is adorbs. The movie deserves the praise and box numbers.

      You’re talking about it, because I was! =D

  4. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Hola! Our dear Kappy, a good day there.

    Is there a way that if you have time or one of you associates can write some English translation on every episodes of Magical Space Time?

    This is the only blog that I am with, so any updates about movies and tv series of our favourite actress, Ruby Lin, I forwarded them to our fans group here in Canada; our fans group is composed of Spanish, Russian, Canadians, Thais, Filipinos and Chinese – we cannot read, speak and write Chinese language.

    I hope I am not asking too much. We saw that there is already an Episode 1 and 2 of the Magical Space Time . We are looking everywhere if there are English sub-titles on it.

    Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda. Thank you so much for your help and for your advice.

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      Hi Mari! I’m hoping that Viki has subtitles soon cause they are usually fast with pickup these days.

      I can’t promise any write-ups due to my busy schedule. *hides*

      • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

        Thank you so much for your thoughts, our dear Kappy . . .

        I hope viki.com will be very fast for this English sub-titles, since one Italian friend is really eager to start her love affair with us – for Ruby Lin . .

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      Hi there. I’d like to join your group. Can you provide your fanpage? I’m Canadian ? always looking for chinese movies/series with eng subs. TY

  5. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Thanks for the updates, Kap.

    Kristy Zhang in another drama while her Princess of Orchid Hills is still pending broadcast. Noooooooooo.

    Wallace Chung is trying to keep himself busy with flowers, I see. =p Not interested in the Angelababy one but I am reading the novel for the Road to Bid Farewell is filled with Flowers. For those who have seen My Sunshine, there is a common theme of reuniting with a lost love. I’m hoping that all the similarities end there because I am not particularly fond of He YiChen from My Sunshine.

    Loving the cast for Midnight Diner so far. Now if they would only reveal the featured dishes…

    I’m having a fun time picturing Wang Kai as Dr. Yukawa. Masha did such a great job bringing the character to life. Curious as to why Alec decided to adapt this as opposed to other mysteries out there.

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      Lost Love seems to be the reigning theme these days in dramaland. I see them everywhere! Can’t we have one where we actually MOVE on from the love during our youth? Is that too normal? Lol.

      Looking forward to what PD Su has up his sleeves! 😀

  6. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Did Wang Kai get plastic Surgery? His chin (and perhaps the jaw line) looks soo different.

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      He probably did. Jaw line can’t change unless you shave with a knife! And his nose too. His nose is sharper and smaller as compared to the old, wider nose.

      It’s okay I still love him a lot. =P

  7. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Thanks KAP for update on my Forever Crush~ZLY ?

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      She is mine! I’m not sharing! Lol.

      So cute.

      • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

        Share a little? ? That GIF is super cute. Thanks

  8. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Thanks for all the updates~~!! Surprised to see Lu Han in such a big production. He’s still fresh and raw, and all. His onscreen presence in Run Brother is still weak at best. Let’s see how he does acting.

    So excited to see Li Ying as a general!! YESHHHH!!

  9. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Hi Kappy, thanks for all the updates. I saw on instagram a photo of ZLY in a costume that looks something like Tang dynasty. Do you know which film it is for? Is it the Female General?

        • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

          I knew it! A lot of fanmade posters around so be careful. Talented fans with a brush and photoshop. The original girl in the picture is Wang Luo Dan for The Virtuous Queen of Han.


        • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

          LOL and here I was getting excited 🙁 Thought she was on new movie or film. I hope she will get interesting and stimulating projects. I look forward to seeing her films.

  10. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    Interested in the Midnight Diner one! With Huang Lei actually being a good cook, he’s prob going to be AWESOME as the midnight chef. Also liking the cast generally. Seems lke HBQ and Jam have a thing in the series…hmmm….

  11. 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

    OK, I know I’m waaay behind everyone in commenting this post (as usual, my favorite one, the bulletin board). Glad also to see more news about Wallace Chung. I’m quite impressed with the trailer for “Three”. He looks creepy in that, and I can’t wait to actually check it out. His roles in the dramas, esp the modern ones, are pretty much similar, but he seems to have quite diverse characterizations in the movies. (Although to be honest I’ve only seen one other movie of his, The Continent).

    I think I’m the only one in the world who’s not yet warmed up to Stay With Me — not even the hot pictorials Joey and Nick made manage to pump me :D. On the other hand, I’m very much intrigued with Wong Fei Hung. The stills look great! Let’s hope the translation to screen will be even better — with decent fighting choreography.

    As implied in the chatbox (BTW, I intentionally flooded it with random chirps, but let’s leave it at that LOL), I haven’t watched Ode of Joy yet, but I look forward to marathoning it. It seems to be doing pretty well, topping the drama chart in the Mainland (if Baidu buzz is to be trusted).

    I read that Chang Ge Xin might be aired this month. Any confirmation, Kap? And I read also that Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi are getting married this month too… in Germany?

    • 29 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (33)

      In an interview, Ruby said it will air on June 23rd. Not sure if this is true because she has said some dates before… Lol. XD

      Yes, Yuan Hong is getting hitched! Two more lovely individuals off the list.

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