Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

Old and new news in this post. – Ghost Kappy 👻 (meaning still away from home on tour and this is prescheduled) heh.

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=======> ♦ Jane Zhang sings themesong for Movie Legend Of The Naga Pearls 《鲛珠传》 with Darren Wang and Zhang Tian Ai.

=======> ♦ Eddie Peng’s movie Wu Kong, also has a new song to their soundtrack. Out on July 13th!

 photo kong-8.jpg

 photo kong-6.jpg

 photo kong-7.jpg

 photo kong-5.jpg

 photo kong-4.jpg

 photo kong-3.jpg

=======> ♦ Chen Xiao and Joe Chen wrapped up filming for Queen Dugu after 103 days. That was fast!

 photo dugu-5.jpg

 photo dugu-1.jpg

 photo dugu-3.jpg

 photo dugu-4.jpg

 photo dugu-6.jpg

 photo dugu-7.jpg

 photo dugu-2.jpg

=======> ♦ Themevideo & New trailer for My Mr. Mermaid sang by our OTP. A light-hearted summer youth series. 🙂

 photo swim 2.jpg

 photo swim 3.jpg

 photo swim 4.jpg

 photo swim 5.jpg

 photo swim 6.jpg

 photo swim 8.jpg

 photo swim 7.jpg

=======> ♦ New Trailer for Li Yi Feng’s Guilty of Mind. I feel like this and Reset have been around for years. LOL.

=======> ♦ New Posters and stills for Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei’s for Once Upon A Time, confirmed its running in 3D also.

 photo nce-4.jpg

 photo nce-3.jpg

 photo nce-2.jpg

 photo nce-1.jpg

 photo nce-5.jpg

 photo nce-7.jpg

 photo nce-6.jpg

=======> ♦ BTS video for Our Time Will Come with Zhou Xun, Wallace Huo, and Eddie Peng.

 photo our-1.jpg

 photo our-4.jpg

 photo our-3.jpg

 photo our-2.jpg

=======> ♦ Liu Tao sings for Aaron Yan’s movie, Peace Breaker. She has such a nice voice.

=======> ♦ Another haunting song released for Brotherhood of Blades 2 with Yang Mi and Chang Chen. Movie is out on July 19th!

 photo blade-1.jpg

 photo blade-3.jpg

 photo blade-4.jpg

 photo blade-2.jpg

 photo blade-5.jpg

=======> ♦ New mv for 10 Miles of Spring Wind Can’t Compare to You.

=======> ♦ Lu Han’s modern drama, Sweet Combat, with Guan Xiao Tong reveals new stills.

 photo swet-4.jpg

 photo swet-3.jpg

 photo swet-2.jpg

 photo swet-1.jpg

=======> ♦ New stills of Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2. Still without a definite air date.

 photo wuu-9.jpg

 photo wuu-8.jpg

 photo wuu-6.jpg

 photo wuu-5.jpg

 photo wuu-4.jpg

 photo wuu-3.jpg

 photo wuu-2.jpg

 photo wuu-1.jpg

 photo wuu-7.jpg

=======> ♦ Kenny Kwan’s new drama Bai Jian Gong Zhu Da Ren (拜见宫主大人) drops first posters. Looks like our hero enters the gaming world and is locked inside?

 photo da-3.jpg

 photo da-2.jpg

 photo da-1.jpg

=======> ♦ EX-TVB veteran actress Susanna Au Yeung passed away on July 9th after fighting with lung cancer. Broke my family’s heart. I remember her fondly as the older Huang Rong in 1983’s version. Her husband is actor Kwok Fung (Yuwen Yue’s grandfather in Princess Agents.) Condolences to her ones.

 photo obi.jpg

=======> ♦ Jiang Chao, Tan Song Yun, and Yang Rong attended the Asia New Media Film Festival Award on 7/11. All popular awards but I’m glad to see our Foxy couple win something! =)

 photo awards-7.jpg

 photo awards-6.jpg

 photo awards-5.jpg

 photo awards-9.jpg

 photo awards-8.jpg

 photo awards-10.jpg

 photo awards-1.jpg

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 photo awards-2.jpg

 photo awards-3.jpg

=======> ♦ Zhu Yi Long and An Xue Qi began filming for their period drama Letting You Float Like A Dream (许你浮生若梦) on July 12th.

=======> ♦ Modern drama Here to Heart which confirmed Huang Xiao Ming and Janine Chang, has changes and HXM is stepping out and they will delay filming to find another replacement, possibly Zhang Han.

=======> ♦ Period drama Novoland: Eagle Eyes has their eyes on Liu Hao Ran and Song Zu Er as their OTP.

=======> ♦ Jiro Wang and Jia Qing are filming Death of the Book of the Western Xia Dynasty (西夏死书). Filming began on July 3rd.

=======> ♦ Deng Lun and Dilreba are possibly collaborating in a modern drama called Sweet Dreams (一千零一夜).

=======> ♦ Rumored to round out the third leg of the crazy love triangle in Summer’s Desire is Dylan Xiong Zi Qi (My Mr. Mermaid). The main OTP is played by Qin Jun Jie and Zhang Xue Ying. Dylan is gonna get eaten alive by Jun Jie. Lol. Such an unfair balance.

=======> ♦ Chen Xiao is confirmed for director Huo Jian Qi’s movie (如影随心).

=======> ♦ Tong Li Ya and Zhang Lu Yi are filming a war drama called Patriot (爱国者).

=======> ♦ Yang Zi was under flack for using her boyfriend’s phone and chatting with his fans, thanking them for loving and supporting Qin Jun Jie and she said they must also support her. Lol. They didn’t like it and Qin Jun Jie issued an apology on Weibo. Sigh, Yang Zi is still young and playful.

=======> ♦ A new movie about the Three Kingdoms Period has entered production. It’s based on the game Dynasty Warriors (真・三國無双) and written by Christine To and directed by Roy Hin Yeung Chow, they are a married couple. Aww. Casting hasn’t been announced but expect big movie names as always.

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  1. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    Some thoughts:

    1. I don’t understand why Darren Wang is getting offers. He had a breakout role in an awful movie which was terribly popular, but he is neither conventionally handsome nor great at acting. On top of that, he’s actually not well-liked by the Chinese audience at all. I’m most bothered that he’s shaping out to be the next Jerry Yan (who maintained the same hideous hairstyle for a decade).

    2. For people considering watching My Mr. Mermaid, the novel was exceptionally dull, and the lead characters about as unappealing as they get.

    3. Lu Han being cast in Sweet Combat is quite bemusing. I mean, he fits the role like a square peg will fit a round hole.

    4. I think the production team of Here to Heart is extremely consistent with their choice of the male lead. Both HXM and ZH have the “I’m the most handsome guy in the world” vibe.

    I know I sound mean as sh*t. LOL.

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

      LOL I never did like ZH although he was great in Shan Shan come eat. He appeared very sure of himself and his capability and have that macho vibe. Luhan seemed very “femine”….I have never seen any of his drama so cannot judge if she is good or not. Heard lots of his interactions with DLRB though 🙂

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

      Agree about Darren. I have to say I did enjoy that breakout movie overall, but I admit it was anything spectacularly special; I just found it unexplainably entertaining. Darren Wang…is really not a good actor at all. Somehow he just comes off as sleazy in his roles. I gave (am still giving) Ghost Blows Candle a shot (the one he’s in that recently started broadcasting) because I love Gina and personally I don’t see her around enough as lead. It’s terrible. I’m pushing on cuz I’m only on ep 5 and I wanna give Gina another chance, but the characters are bland and 2D, the plot is slow, generic, and just…not great. And the actors (except Gina. Sorry I’m biased) are pretty terrible in an I’m-obviously-a-rookie way. Some are new faces so I can forgive that, but Darren’s really doing poorly in that role. I was ok with his many lead castings lately before I started watching this cuz heck he fit his roles as a sleaze with a bad-boy attitude in Our Times. But here he’s acting almost exactly the same, and this character needs a lot more nuance to be even remotely likable right now. So with that in mind, I’m feeling more and more salty about his many lead castings to come…

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

      Omg! My exact thoughts! You’re not mean as sh*t, just honest as sh*t.

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

      dang gina! I kept looking for one nice comment but found none lmaooooo. Thanks for making me smile

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

      dang gina! I kept looking for one nice comment but found none lmaooooo. Thanks for making me smile

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

      Lmao @ #4. I wonder why HXM stepped out.

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

      LMAO i loved the whole brutally honest post. I agree about Darren Wang. Unlike you I really liked Our Times and I thought he was very appealing in it but I don’t know what the heck happened to him since then. His looks have gone downhill at a terrifying rate and he behaves very strangely. Like others have siad he gves of a sleazy vibe. Not sure if it’s true but I’ve heard his Daddy is very rich so maybe that’s how he is getting the roles.

      I wish Vivian Sung was getting as many roles off the back of Our Times as he is. I thought she was great in the movie.

      • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

        I didn’t like Our Times because it was essentially exploiting the popularity of You’re the Apple of my Eye, and of the Reply series. I went in with extremely high expectations, but I felt it fell short. The highlights were completely spoiled in the trailers and MVs, the male lead had a really clichéd back story, and conflict was non-existent. I mean, the leads separated because of a ridiculous accident. By that time I felt that the movie was a joke. I especially disliked how it introduced certain stereotypes, like how girls don’t mean what they say (absolute bullsh*t) and all. That’s just not cool.

        I actually thought Darren Wang was charming in his role, but like you I also feel that his visual appeal has plummeted since. Now he just exudes an uncomfortable, sleazy vibe. Possibly something to do with his mentality after shooting to fame, perhaps not. His hideous hair is also doing nothing for him. I think someone needs to give him a wake-up call, and tell him that things aren’t working. At this rate he’ll fall off the radar in a couple of years unless he’s got strong backers. I suspect that he does have some support from the Taiwanese side though, since he’s probably the biggest young male star to come out of TW after Kai Ko. Right now the biggest TW names in film (post 80-ers) are Eddie Peng, Mark Zhao and Ethan Ruan, and they are all in their mid-30s already. I guess DW will get some “push”.

        • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

          I don’t think this was solely riding on You are Apple of My Eye’s coattails for its popularity when it was released four years later..

          No doubt, China and Taiwan release a slew of youth/high school movies but I don’t see how that’s the film’s fault if it’s executed well. There’s a reason why Our Times attained the level of success it did and others didn’t. I also don’t see how it’s the movie’s fault that things were spoiled for you in M/Vs and trailers. Most of these high school/youth films are quite similar, so it depends on how each film repackages those elements so that they’re “fresh” and different.

          What I liked about this film was the attention to detail paid to the time era and that the main characters got to know each other even though they got off to a bad start and helped one another because they truly cared about each other’s happiness without having to drum up any unnecessary conflict (ex. the secondary love interests never really got in the way). Overall, for me it had its own charms that helped it separate from the pack and can see why it resonated with so many people.

        • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

          The problem was that I’d rather rewatch the MV then go back to watch the movies. You may disagree with my opinion, but the weak storytelling was rather evident. I’m not watching a movie just for the nostalgia factor, but also for the plot. In the case of Our Times, I don’t think there’s a compelling story at all.

  2. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    After Jin Dong’s Candle in the Tomb, the Ghost Blow out the Light clearly pales in comparison. The CGI and fighting scenes are awful. And those people in white, they look like an inferior version of aliens from outerspace! Im sorry but I laughed at the scene in episode 6 instead of finding it cool. Agree with above comments, Darren somehow just portrays himself to be so sleazy, and he tries to be cool but it is not cool at all…
    Does this drama follow the novel? I haven’t read it yet! Or is this an entirely new story.

  3. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    RIP Susanna Au Yeung! While she’s more often remembered in her iconic role as the older Huang Rong, I like her other wuxia drama, The Young Heroes of the Shaolin. Admittedly, not because of her but because of Shau Sek’s charismatic performance. And this goes to hint my age group LOLOL.

    I thought at first Jia Qing’s new drama will be a period one, then I googled it (with translation of course)… dang! Sounds like the Tomb Raider sorts. Mainland rarely does this genre good, perhaps with the exception of Jin Dong’s drama, which I haven’t seen. I’m happy to check out Jia Qing again, but I miss her in a period series.

  4. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    RIP Susanna Au Young! I didn’t even know her partner is Kwok Fung.

    Man…look at the list of new dramas. It’s never ending with a few hitting commercial success.

  5. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    I am glad Huang Xiaoming realise that he’s way too ripe for those kind of roles. The drama looks like it will flop anyway. Haven’t seen Hans Zhang since… The Four? Not excited to see him in another similar type of role either.

    Dilraba + Deng Lun seems like a promising combination. And Liu Haoran – he needs to film more dramas! The novoland drama reminds me that Tribes and Empires still has no air date yet :/

    Yang Zi’s personality is ditsy like her roles. Lol.

  6. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    I’m glad HXM is gone. Not a fan of HXM or ZH, but at least I can tolerate ZH and his eyebrows without wanting to reach through a screen and punch him, which is more than I can say for HXM.

  7. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    Dilraba and Deng Lun is an appealing combination. I really like them both.

    I must say I’m so glad for Deng Lun that ‘Because of You’ has been so good for his career. He’s not a conventionally pretty boy but he’s very talented and charismatic and a breath of fresh air comared to all the wooden pretty faces that are getting lead roles.

  8. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    Dilraba and Deng Lun is an appealing pair.. I really like them both.

    I must say I’m so glad for Deng Lun that ‘Because of You’ has been so good for his career. He’s not a conventionally pretty boy but he’s very talented and charismatic and a breath of fresh air compared to all the wooden pretty faces that are getting lead roles.

  9. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

    I truly hope Yang Zi reins it is. She’s funny and adorable but her character from Ode To Joy seems to be her. Lol, why would you ask your boyfriend fans to support you? And then the rumors for leaving the Ode to Joy franchise. Not a smart move. For Peace Breaker Liu Tao sings on the soundtrack and is also in it. The video gave away to me most of the plot. Hopefully, it’s misleading. It’s getting kinda hard waiting for some dramas. Some of the plots are just too recycled and boring,

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