Spotlight: Wu Jing’s Wolf Warriors 2 surpasses The Mermaid, and how I knew of him in TV series

GAHH. I’m so happy for Jacky Wu Jing! Feels like crying right now for his success; if the movie didn’t do well, he would have suffered financially since he risked his personal savings (house deed, etc) because of the lack of funding in the beginning (hiding it from his wife too!) I do have a soft spot for martial artists actors and always feel like they are not appreciated enough in TV series these days hence most move on to doing action movies. Just like Ashton Chen Xiao Long, still doing supporting roles here and there (leading roles in small productions), waiting for his big break. Anyway, Wolf Warriors 2 has surpassed The Mermaid, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time in China (after 12 days). Previously crowned, The Mermaid production posted a congratulations message on weibo and you can see Wu Jing’s meme in high-fiving a fish. Hehe! Aww! His success right now is the result of constant hard-work. He also kicked our Li Ying off the #1 spot on Vlinkage for some days. Lol.

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Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei promote Once Upon A Time with hip-hop dance routine

Ha. Was gonna post this in the bulletin board post but I think it’s cute enough to stand on its own. The leading pair of Once Upon A Time, Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei, have been promoting their movie together in various cities and on the night at Shanghai, they performed a hip-hop dance routine onstage. I have to be honest and say my eyes were glued on Liu Yi Fei the whole time until the last few seconds when Yang Yang did his backwards solo scoot. Lol. While both have dancing background, I think Yang Yang has more precision and energy, still I kept going back to our pretty Fairy, in awe with her from beginning to end, especially those chest popping!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (58)

News throughout the week! =D

And nooooooo Princess Agents 2 is all a rumor as of this point.

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