Second Trailer and confirmed air date for Rakshasa Street Drama

Manhua series Rakshasa Street (超级网剧镇魂街) written and illustrated by Xu Chen gets a drama adaptation starring Jiro Wang (Looking for Aurora) and An Yue Xi (Tornado Girl 2). Release date has been announced to be August 2nd with 24 episodes. If you’ve been reading news about this project, you know I (and a few others) have watched the anime! The effects aren’t shabby at all. While Jiro is not my “older” brother material, I’m gonna be hopeful! Please develop the female character because her story doesn’t get anywhere. Lol.

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New Posters:

Jiro Wang.

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An Yue Xi.

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All of a sudden, this kid is everywhere! Lol. Neo Hou Ming Hao.

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Tang Guo Zhong.

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Huang Tian Qi. Little Bro!

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Liu Min Ting.

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Zhang Zi Wen.

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Bai Liu Xi.

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Fang Chu Tong.

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Lou Qi.

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Huang Fu Jie.

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Second Trailer:

Character Descriptions I wrote in previous posts:

Our male lead, Cao Yan Bing (Jiro Wang). He comes from a family of guardian generals and was born with a guardian spirit or so we thought (Lol). His younger brother wasn’t born with one and their parents consider that a freedom, a blessing. Not long after his brother was born, his parents were called away and never came back. We learned later in the story that they were killed, leaving the defenseless kids to fend for themselves; being sold, being beaten, being separated. All I have to say is adversity makes a hero and it’s the case here for both brothers as they grow stronger to protect their home in Rakshasa Street.

Our heroine, Xia Ling (An Yue Xi), is a fresh graduate out of college and looking for jobs. When she receives a text message for an interview late at night at a street called Rakshasa, she rushes out, and belatedly realizes how weird it is for a company to interview so late (she’s desperate for a job). It’s too late now and she has crossed into a transitional dimension, the bridge between the human realm and hell, where spirits are kept until they are sanctioned. There are many streets like this and each street has a guardian general, guarding the place. At Rakshasa Street, it’s the turf of two brothers – Cao Yan Bing (older) and Cao Xuan Liang, presumably are descendants of Cao Cao.

Where to Read the Original?
1. Watch the Anime Subbed here.
2. Read the Manhua here.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Second Trailer and confirmed air date for Rakshasa Street Drama

    **Maybe hints of spoiler…???**

    I LOVE the “younger” brother! Both actually. I maintain that I really should have seen the twist since their personalities are really so distinctive…at least in hindsight.

    I love An Yue Xi, I really do, but this is one of those instances where I’d rather there not be a female lead at all.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Second Trailer and confirmed air date for Rakshasa Street Drama

    I watched the anime and read the manga last year and it looks like they are adding more material based on the trailer. Very excited to see this. I love Jiro Wang, but I hate who they picked to dub him. The voice it just too jarring and doesn’t match him at all. Other than that, though, this looks amazing. Between this and Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud, August is going to be awesome.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Second Trailer and confirmed air date for Rakshasa Street Drama

    The voice dubber for Jiro sounds similar to the anime which I like. Except it doesn’t match with Jiro =_= Otherwise I’m excited for this!

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