Cdramas Airing This Week: Wrong Carriage Right Groom, Stand by Me, Fake It Till You Make It, The Evidence Tells, The Legend of Zhuohua and more!

Forgot about this post and now almost everything has aired. Lol

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Ao Rui Peng and Lu Xiao Yu involve in an Unusual Idol Love

Unusual Idol Love (新人类男友会漏电) is an upcoming scifi modern drama based on the manhua written by Guo Si Te, following a famous male idol who discovers that he’s an AI and is now being hunted by the company that created him. He escapes and runs into our heroine and the two somehow begin living together under the same roof, creating all sorts of hijinks. If you recall, Ao Rui Peng and Lu Xiao Yu were co-stars in 2020’s Beautiful Time With You.

Airing 3/27~

The leads look adorable.

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