Shawn Dou confirms Asunaro Hakusho adaptation ‘Ten Years Late’ with Gulnazar, attends Tribes and Empire press conference

Awww man, our Mr. Smile aka Shawn Dou Xiao will be doing another modern drama… but it sounds so dark and gloomy! Hear me cry. It’s adapted from manga series Asunaro Hakusho (あすなろ白書 “Asunaro White Paper”) by Fumi Saimon.

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Shawn Dou Xiao’s upcoming dramas: Tribes and Empires, Tears In Heaven, See You Again, Survivor To Healer

I miss Mr. Sunshine. Don’t you? After making a splash in dramaland with his tv debut performance as Prince Yan Xun in Princess Agents, Shawn Dou has other projects to quench your thirst; all of which have finished filming (he wrapped the last one up last week). For the count, Shawn has four unaired dramas under his belt. Reminders below. =D

Words in the alley reveal that Tears in Heaven is airing on 10/9. *fingers crossed*

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Shawn Dou, Peng Guan Ying, and Miao Miao in From Survivor to Healer

I haven’t seen this bright smile in so long!

What’s going on here? Yan Xun, why are you romancing Chu Qiao’s sister! XD Shawn Dou Xiao‘s latest project is a modern drama called From Survivor to Healer (爱上你治愈我), reuniting him with actress Miao Miao, who played Xiao Qi in Princess Agents. He’s also reuniting with Tribes and Empire: Storms of Prophecy’s costar Peng Guan Ying who plays the third leg. The story doesn’t seem anything extraordinary; he falls in love with the heroine in medical school but their families encounter unfortunate events, forcing our hero to avoid the love of his life and she decides to study abroad in Germany. Five years later, their teacher refers both of them to work at a hospital, allowing our hero to slowly win back his lady love, but she only softens as her mother undergoes medical treatments and he remains at her side. Peng Guan Ying develops feelings for the heroine but she rejects him cleanly. Then one day our hero discovers that his mom died eight years ago because of a car accident and is thrown into self-blame, doubting his career achievements, only recovering with the help of his love. The two later decide to pursue more education in Germany, forgoing marriage.

Yea…I don’t feel an ounce of excitement reading the synopsis. Lol.

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New Trailers: Tribes and Empires Storm of Prophecy, Fighter of the Destiny, Song of Phoenix

All three dramas dropped a new trailer and some stills last night but of course, only two have air dates. You should know which ones. Sigh ~

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Interviews with the Crew of Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

Time to check back in with the epic historical fantasy drama Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (九州海上牧云记). In the past few months, they have been releasing stills and some BTS videos with interviews with the cast and crew. Again, a lot of work and thought and effort were spent so hopefully this summer will be the green light for Prophecy.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (47)

Scrolling down the news list, I realize what a professional stalker I have become… Lol.

I divided up the section so it looks more organized! You proud?

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Princess of Lan Ling: Episode 3 “Distressing Damsel.”

 photo 00.jpg

The naive Qing Shuo lands herself in trouble, one after another, as she makes her way back to her beloved, even though she doesn’t know it yet. Already there is a lot of confusion on her side, and angst on his, as they struggle with feelings that feel like dejavu.

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