Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (61)

We had a white Christmas in Boston this year! 😀

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Hunan TV previews hefty dramas line-up in 2018

As a monstrous broadcasting station, this comes as no surprise for their line-up. Just expect crazy editing with the TV version!

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Drama Updates: Age of Legends, Dear Prince, Sweet Combat, The Brightest Star In The Sky

Nowadays when I open any news sites, I literally gulp at the amount of news coverage. China is humongous, tv and film productions roll in and out all day every day. How to cover them all…. *goes to work*

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (49)

I heeded ya’ll advice and didn’t cram as much into this batch. Blame the Chinese entertainment of never sleeping!

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NewsFlash: Cdramas Air Dates/Schedule in 2017

As a tradition, here’s the compiled list of Cdramas set to air in 2017. You can find this post and previous years below the banner of this site at the tab called “Cdramas Airing.” Feel free to let me know of any upcoming dramas that I missed. Anyway, was there a meeting that I don’t know about? The topic of the meeting is something along the line of let kill cdrama viewers in January of 2017! Holy smokes. The amount of dramas in one month is almost half that of Kdramas in 4 months. XD

Bye to 2016, a year of pain, learning, and understanding!

LAST UPDATED (12/16/17) Let me know of the ones I missed!

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Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng’s Great Expectations reveals posters of veteran-driven male cast

Nothing like putting pressure on yourself by naming your drama, Great Expectations (远大前程)! But then how could you not when the majority are veterans in the field? Real-life husband and wife, Chen Si Cheng and Tong Li Ya, star in the highly anticipated republican drama by sending everyone back to the world of glitz and glamor of 1920s Shanghai in a constant battle of power struggles. Beside playing the male lead, Chen Si Cheng also sits proudly in the team of producers and sole scriptwriter chair that he’s been working on for 5 years. His previous script work was Beijing Love Story (北京爱情故事).

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