Cdramas Begin Filming: Huang Xiao Ming’s The Years You Were Late, Shu Chang’s Meet Miss Anxiety, William Chan’s Age of Legends

Eeee! William Chan is keeping his facial hair intact, at least beautifully maintained, for his new role in Age of Legends. He looks mighty hot. Lol. I know, so so shallow.

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Qin Jun Jie’s Peace In Palace Peace In Chang’An releases first trailer

Okay, exactly how many times are they gonna change the title?! From World of Chang’An, short and sweet, we now have Peace In Palace Peace In Chang’An (天下长安). It’s a new historical drama featuring the reunion between Qin Jun Jie and Shu Chang as the OTP, he is Emperor Taizong of Tang and she’s Empress Zhangsun, in a time period considered as the golden age in Chinese history. His reign was known as the “Reign of Zhenguan.”

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Cdrama: Ode To Joy 2, Legend of the Dragon Pearl Episodes

Both dramas have Miss Yang Zi so they’re grouped!

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Yang Zi and Qin Jun Jie banter and flirt in Legend of the Dragon Pearl

Oh So Cute!! Acting with your significant other has quite a few advantages, always together, smiling and fighting like dogs and cats. Yang Zi is like a hyper bunny and likes hitting him and Qin Jun Jie bugs her in little ways and just accepts quietly. HAHAHA. You’ll meet the Chusen package (don’t forget Shu Chang and Mao Zi Jun) beginning on May 8th, airing Mondays-Wednesdays in Legend of the Dragon Pearl.

They had a press conference today and finally dropped a new trailer plus a behind-the-scene video (must watch!)

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New Promos: The Fox’s Summer Season 2, Legend of the Dragon Pearl, Song of Phoenix

All three dramas have broadcast date within the next two weeks. I don’t think we can make it out of May alive with all these dramas. O____O Will we have nothing for the Fall?! SAVE SOMETHING!

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Review it: The Glory of Tang Dynasty Part 1 (CDrama, 2017)

Needs to clarify some things. 1) Because of the rumor of low ratings resulting in cutting of episodes (from 111 to 60), the Glory team declared war against any who would spread false news. They clarified on weibo that Glory has always been only 60 episodes. However, part 2 (dun dun dun!) is still in post-production and will air some time in the future (rumor says 3/22 with 30 episodes.)

You know what this means right? They just pulled a Chusen on us. LOL. Splitting a season into 2 parts. *rolls eyes*

[This is a new feature we’re trying out! So everyone can gather and express their thoughts. We’re calling it Review It! If you have a request for some dramas to be reviewed in this manner, shoot me an email!]

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Friday Photoshoots: Mao Zi Jun, Qin Jun Jie, Shu Chang, Wu Qian

The wicked Chusen package! A wuxia term copyrighted by me! hehe. This post is all about connections. If you’re bored and want a challenge, try playing the Six Degrees game with these actors and actresses, connecting them all. XD

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