Extended Trailers: Yang Zi’s The Destiny of White Snake, Elvis Han’s Wu Xin The Monster Killer 2

New promotional materials. Both Wu Xin The Monster Killer Season 2 and The Destiny of White Snake release an extended trailer of 10 whopping minutes. And finally, an air date for one of the two above dramas!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (49)

I heeded ya’ll advice and didn’t cram as much into this batch. Blame the Chinese entertainment of never sleeping!

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Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

The big day is here for them. Nicky Wu and his ladylove Liu Shi Shi hold their wedding ceremony on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. Not as astronomical as other wedding ceremonies, but it fits my picture flawlessly. It’s simple, romantic, and intimate. 🙂

Bu Bu Jing Xin‘s royal couple finally has a happy ending!

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Annie Chen hunted by Damian Lau in Nie Xiao Qian

Annie, what did you do in the previous lives that you have the big boys hunting you relentlessly dear? She has veterans Christopher Lee and Damian Lau stalking her from the ancient times to the modern period. If you find the name Nie Xiao Qian familiar, it’s because we have seen many, many beautiful actresses – Joey Wong, Barbie Hsu, and Liu Yi Fei – in the role of a beautiful female ghost trapped in her pitiful form and forced to lure in men for the demon in charged. In this twist of a story, our female ghost is locked in a special entrapment and is released by our ER doctor (Mo Tzu Yi) in the 21st century. She eyes him up and down, and insists he’s her ancient lover, Ning Cai Chen.

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Period Cdrama ‘Battle of the Beauty’ premieres


Also called Xiao Hong Yan, this period drama explores Master Su’s mysterious death (or is he?) and the love lives of his 5 wives. Damian Lau plays Master Su while Second Young Master is played by Baron Chen (when is he cutting his hair?!), and the leading lady is Hu Jing. She also sings the theme song “Moon Water” for this series. I came across the theme video on youtube and the song sounds really nice, especially with the blend in of water drops here and there. Or maybe I’m just an emo person. *shrugs*

Check it out below!

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