Drama Updates: City of Desire, The Way We Were, Eagles and Youngster, Guardian, Eighteen Springs

Happy Tuesday! It’s gonna be a warm week here at the East coast. Weee ~

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Drama Updates: Never Gone, Jin Yi Zhi Xia, Guardian, Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, The Lord Swordship, Cry Me A Sad River

Compilation of drama stills and videos in the last couple of days!

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First Teaser and Ending Themesong for webdrama Guardian with Zhu Yi Long and Bai Yu

SO STINGY! STINGY! I waited a full day after Bai Yu teased on weibo about the trailer coming out soon….trailer my butt, it’s only 10 seconds long… Lol. Good thing I like you boy!! XD Anyway, Guardian is definitely one of the webdramas I’m looking forward to the most, starring two actors I really like – Zhu Yi Long and Bai Yu in a twisty bromance with fantasy elements and intertwined with the past and present.

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Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long kick up the bromance meter in Guardian

EEEEEE! I can’t wait for this webdrama with Zhu Yi Long and Bai Yu! They are adorable behind-the-scenes! Guardian (镇魂) is based on the novel Zhen Hun written by Priest. A world beyond scientific understanding with a group of passionate adults trying to solve cases done by such forces.

A thug and a clean-cut professor working together? SIGN ME UP.

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Zhu Yi Long and Bai Yu wrap up filming for webdrama Guardian

Look at those adorable faces! *___* Imma watch you two, I will! I do need a good bromance story right now. Three months of filming comes to an end today for fantasy crime-solving webdrama Guardian (镇魂) with Zhu Yi Long and Bai Yu as leads; Yi Long jumps immediately into another project, lol, will write about it when I have more details.

No longer a boy-boy love story, it is brotherhood all the way, every single day. I wouldn’t want it any other way. =D

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Webdrama Guardian (Zhen Hun) confirms Bai Yu, Zhu Yi Long

YAYAYYAYA!! This is even better then the first round of casting! Bai Yu (Memory Lost) and Zhu Yi Long (Border Town Prodigal) are the leading men in upcoming webdrama Guardian (Zhen Hun) based on the novel written by Priest. Originally a boy-boy love story, the drama will change it to focus on brotherhood instead. I can’t complain when you put Yi Long as lead. XD And a story about ghosts, demons, solving supernatural crimes? I’m in!

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