Annual Broadcasting Schedule: Cdramas Air Dates in 2023

Happy New Year Everyone! Hoping for a better year for us all in terms of health and love and happiness.

The annual schedule for Cdrama Air Dates! Hope you guys still find it useful to some degree. It will be linked under Cdramas Airing Tab under the banner. =)

LAST UPDATED: 10/29 Let me know when I’m missing dramas! I usually try to update weekly/bi-weekly.

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NewsFlash: Cdramas Air Dates/Schedule in 2017

As a tradition, here’s the compiled list of Cdramas set to air in 2017. You can find this post and previous years below the banner of this site at the tab called “Cdramas Airing.” Feel free to let me know of any upcoming dramas that I missed. Anyway, was there a meeting that I don’t know about? The topic of the meeting is something along the line of let kill cdrama viewers in January of 2017! Holy smokes. The amount of dramas in one month is almost half that of Kdramas in 4 months. XD

Bye to 2016, a year of pain, learning, and understanding!

LAST UPDATED (12/16/17) Let me know of the ones I missed!

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