Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

Time for more pictures of pretty people! The title of best-dressed lady goes to….


The cast of Paradise in Service arriving together.

 photo GH20.jpg

Ivy Chen looking cute and flirty. Her next project? She’s confirmed as the lead of BBJX movie version.

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 photo GH22.jpg

Main lead of the movie, Ethan Ruan.

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 photo GH11.jpg

Serious face back on.

 photo GH12.jpg

Guo Shu Yao. You can catch her as Mao Mao in Tdrama, Aim High. This leveled dress looks terrible on her. Plus, her make-up is underwhelming.

 photo GH19.jpg

 photo GH17.jpg

Veteran actor, Ng Man Tat. Wow, it’s been so long since I last seen him in the news.

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Gwei Lun Mei. Her gown reminds me of a farm full of baby chicks. 😛

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 photo GH2.jpg

Michelle Chen in the arms of recently-shaven Tony Yang. He’ll be joining Ivy Chen as one of the princes in BBJX movie. The production has yet to announce the roles but I think he might play 4th prince!

 photo GH3.jpg

Michelle does not look good here.

 photo GH50.jpg

The loose-fitting dress does not go well with her face shape. But I do like the dress design and the pop in colors.

 photo GH52.jpg

 photo GH48.jpg

There is the smile!

 photo GH49.jpg

Ella Chen rocking another thigh-high split gown. Her confidence makes it winsome. My second favorite gown of the night.

 photo GH16.jpg

 photo GH14.jpg

 photo GH15.jpg

Rainie Yang. Not feeling the whole princess-y black gown with lace…

 photo GH45.jpg

 photo GH46.jpg

 photo GH47.jpg

Bolin Chen. The awkward wave that I’m sure Kat is used to. Lol. He’s asked to interview American actress Lily Collins and the two have a brief exchange in English. They also sit next to each other and snap some photos for instagram (below).

 photo GH39.jpg

 photo GH38.jpg

 photo GH54.jpg photo GH55.jpg

Video with Lily Collins.

Thanks goodness we have Gong Li to show off the front assets!

 photo GH8.jpg

 photo GH9.jpg

A safe choice for actress Zhang Zi Yi here.

 photo GH40.jpg

 photo GH41.jpg

Tiffany Hsu looking extra sweet and demure.

 photo GH24.jpg

 photo GH26.jpg

 photo GH25.jpg

Tang Wei is usually winning on the red carpet but she looks tired and too casual here.

 photo GH31.jpg

 photo GH32.jpg

 photo GH33.jpg

Stephen Fung! One of my crushes back in the day. When he smiles, I literally became a puddle ~~~

 photo GH44.jpg

He arrives with cast mates from the Blind Massage, Aaron Kwok and Joan Chen.

 photo GH42.jpg

 photo GH43.jpg

Best dress of the night? For me, it’s actress Shui Ling in the arms of her husband, Jian Bin Chen. The top is trendy and elegant at the same time. The bottom – I’m not very fond of but she looks great nonetheless. 🙂 Which lady gets your vote?

 photo GH27.jpg

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Source: Sina // YES // Tungstar

  1. 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

    Aww Ivy looks adorable, as does Bolin Chen in those instagram pics~ I’m not really liking rainie and zhang ziyi’s dresses either, which is surprising. Shui Ling’s dress has that popping button design which is not flattering at all imo, although the fabric and colour is gorgeous~ But for all the other actresses I feel that their stylists were off the ball… like, I’m sure if I searched hard enough on taobao and yesstyle etc. I would be able to find similar enough matches to their dresses. There’s no wow factor involved *sigh*

  2. 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

    I vote for Ivy Chen and Tiffany Hsu. Tony Yang become 4Ye? Not sure about his acting skill though.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

    I only like Ivy’s emerald dress.

  4. 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

    Shui Ling’s buttons are very dangerous but she pulls it off and it fits her neatly. 🙂 I personally wouldn’t wear it but it looks beautiful on her.

    It would be funny if he plays the Emperor, Abu. Lol.

    Funny how we don’t talk about the men since they usually don’t shine at these events. 😛

    • 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

      Most male choose to wear boring standard dress. I may wear the same if getting invited by them #lol

  5. 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

    I’d say best dressed of the night are (in no particular order):

    Shui Ling: Shui Ling’s dress is really funky! I like it! 😀
    Gong Li: her dress shows off her figure beautifully and Gong Li is looking beautiful as always 😀
    Zhang Zi Yi: her dress design is awesome and looks elegant 🙂
    Tiffany Hsu: very sweet and demure, like you said 🙂

  6. 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

    ivy is young right? the dress is too conservative for a pretty girl her age. i like tiffany’s and gong li is one of the few actresses with good-looking breasts of the night. wheres chen qiao en?!! lols.

    shui ling has a pretty interesting top but the bottom is not so pretty. that’s her husband…wow….he looks much older than she…

    • 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

      Ivy is like… in her early 30s.. I think 32 cos she had a bday recently… dunno if that counts as old (I’m totally conflicted cos my mum refers to guys in their 40s as young boys even though she’s in her 40s herself so.. yeah.. your mileage may vary)

      @Shimo and Kat I agree with your choices but I think it’s more cos the actresses are so pretty they could wear sacks and still look good~

      @abu no way… even guys should dress up with more… flair. I mean, a well-fitted suit/tux is good yeah, but why do men tend to forget that a suit can be more than black fabric? There’s a thousand different styles out there… I mean, this whole blog ( is testament to this, so why sell yourself short?? If you’re going to come anyway, might as well do it with aplomb is what I say~

  7. 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

    Funny you mentioned Stephen Fung because I used to have a crush on him too, to the point I have one of his albums even when his singing was soooo bad!!! It’s the dimples that kills me.

    As for the ladies… I guess I liked Ella’s dress best. The others aren’t really outstanding for me.

    • 10 thoughts on “Stars light up at the 51st Golden Horse Awards

      His singing? LOL. Nope. I have his picture plastered in one of my folders. Cause yunno, you need outside forces to pass hard exams and stuff. 😛

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