2017 Year-End & New Year Music Performances from Chinese TV Stations

Last post of 2017! Time to relax and listen to some jamming as we reflect on the year that went by too quickly.

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Extended Trailer for Wilber Pan and Xu Lu’s Be With You

Don’t get fooled by the above photo. This is a straight-up melo drama. If wuxia, period, and modern rom-coms don’t fit your bill, here’s a melo for those itching to cry and pull out their hair this January. SAY WHAT? Yep. No breathing room at all. Be With You (不得不爱) is adapted from the novel Every Step Is Wrong, written by Lan Bai Se, the same author behind Loving Never Forgetting with Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya. Wilber Pan and Xu Lu play our OTP and they are not nice people. *prays to my land lord that our female lead DOES actually inflict damage and pain*

What? EVIL?


I….am. =P

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Rainie Yang gathers her favorite male costars for The Audience

LOL! So much fun!! On the upside, Rainie is having a blast promoting her new album, in which she invited many friends and past co-stars to star in her music videos. The latest mv is titled The Audience and three of Rainie’s past male leads participated. They are Mike He (Devil Beside You), Wilber Pan (Miss No Good), Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart). I only finished Hi My Sweetheart (which was also a struggle in the latter half). heh. She also has a song featuring Charlene Choi. The mvs are beautiful to look at… but on the downside…. the songs put me to sleep. Watch the BTS, folks!

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Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen’s Wedding Ceremony in Beijing

Too early to be tearful… but I did…. Marrying off one of my celebrity crushes. To find the light and strength in your significant other is crucial and beautiful. May you two be blessed from here on out. 😀

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Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

I cannot do a selfie to save my life, how do ya’ll do it?!!!

Anyway, it’s time to check back with melo drama, Be With You, an adaptation of Every Step Is Wrong, written by Lan Bai Se, the same author behind Loving Never Forgetting with Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya. I can’t believe the last time I mentioned this series was June of 2015! Time flew and now we’re just waiting for a broadcast date to see a mean CEO Wilber and a broody Xu Lu our for revenge.

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Kisses and PDA at Taiwan’s 50th Golden Bell Awards

Can’t let Mainland celebrities steal all the limelight, so Taiwanese artists also deck out their gowns and jewelries for a dazzling walk down the red carpet for their annual television production award.

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Wilber Pan pairs up with Xu Lu in drama adaptation of Every Step is Wrong

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for months. Lol. I thought I posted it a while back ~ Old age. But yes, another novel-to-drama adaptation. The novel, Every Step Is Wrong, is written by Lan Bai Se, the same author behind Loving Never Forgetting with Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya. For the drama version, the direct translation is Have To Love, which is coincidentally a song title sang by Wilber Pan, the chosen male lead, but the name Be With You has been printed on various promo materials so I’m sticking with that. I haven’t heard of Wilber since the head injury he sustained for his concert in 2012. His last drama is Endless Love but I’ll always remember him in Miss No Good with Rainie Yang (her screeching voice in the drama…-shivers-). The female lead, Xu Lu, is a face we are familiar with by now; Kimi Qiao’s virtual girlfriend on We Are In Love as well as her recent projects in Singles Villa and The Wife’s Lies.

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