Cdrama Updates: My Unicorn Girl, Love Advanced Customization, Reflection of Lion on Lazy Cat, Begin Again

The theme of this post is love in the corporate world. XD

Hope everyone is doing well mentally, physically, and spiritually. Jia You!

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Cdrama Updates: The Glory of Tang Dynasty, The Lost Tomb Reboot, Held In the Lonely Castle, The Killing of Three Thousands Crows, Huan Zhu Ge Ge Reunion

Haven’t done this ginormous post in a while and I almost forgot how time-consuming it was.

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Rainie Yang gathers her favorite male costars for The Audience

LOL! So much fun!! On the upside, Rainie is having a blast promoting her new album, in which she invited many friends and past co-stars to star in her music videos. The latest mv is titled The Audience and three of Rainie’s past male leads participated. They are Mike He (Devil Beside You), Wilber Pan (Miss No Good), Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart). I only finished Hi My Sweetheart (which was also a struggle in the latter half). heh. She also has a song featuring Charlene Choi. The mvs are beautiful to look at… but on the downside…. the songs put me to sleep. Watch the BTS, folks!

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Ady An’s & Mike He’s True Love Encounters Him joins July Broadcast Festival

Drama fans, are you prepare to die of viewing exhaustion in July? Remember that cute list I wrote up for the broadcast dates of Cdramas? Yea, things are about to turn ugly, as Go Single Lady, now known as True Love Encounters Him has tacked on the partayyy list, confirming the airing date to be July 6th on Zhejiang SatelliteTV. Correct, it’s airing in China before Taiwan.

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Movie Date with Keane (10): Bad Girls

Check out Ella's EP for tracks to Bad Girls OST.

1. 壞女孩 Bad Girl
2. 我就是我 I Am Who I Am
3. 懂我再愛我 Know Me To Love Me (ft. Tank)
4. 厚臉皮 Cheeky
5. 愛像什麼 What Love Is Like
Bonus Track
6. 你被寫在我的歌裡 (室內樂版) You’ve Been Writing In My Song (Chamber version)

Download: Ella's EP
[Buy the album via YesAsia]

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