Rainie Yang becomes the goddess of fire for Elle

No one rocks a short do like Rainie Yang does (yes? yes?)! Color it red and we have a flaming goddess. 🙂 Can you believe the petite, pastry girl in Meteor Garden turned 30 this year? Oy, how times fly by, leave wrinkle prints on most of us, while others, like the girl above, continue to look ageless. Why hath thou forsaken 98% of the normal citizens, time?!!

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Music Videos of The Week 1

Another friday. I have one month before returning to school. *inserts sobbing face* Why is school always bothering me?! Anyway, here’s a post to introduce some recent music videos that have captured my attention. Feel free to share yours! This w0eek, we have Rainie‘s Angel Wings, Ivana Wang‘s Skinny Love, and some unexpected new discoveries (for me.) Pleasant surprises. I hope you like them. 🙂

Sit back and relax.

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[Recap] Sunshine Angel Episode 1


Here it is! I had a hard time downloading this drama because it has so many versions released. It was released in China earlier but those episodes have been edited so there are missing scenes. The version I have should be GTV/TTV which begins airing in August 4th. For those who want to watch the first episode subbed, head on over to Viki Channel.

The first episode is entertaining with stupidity here and there (ahum). I hope future episodes contain A LOT of WuYang scenes because their chemistry sustains this whole story.

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