Annie Chen hunted by Damian Lau in Nie Xiao Qian

Annie, what did you do in the previous lives that you have the big boys hunting you relentlessly dear? She has veterans Christopher Lee and Damian Lau stalking her from the ancient times to the modern period. If you find the name Nie Xiao Qian familiar, it’s because we have seen many, many beautiful actresses – Joey Wong, Barbie Hsu, and Liu Yi Fei – in the role of a beautiful female ghost trapped in her pitiful form and forced to lure in men for the demon in charged. In this twist of a story, our female ghost is locked in a special entrapment and is released by our ER doctor (Mo Tzu Yi) in the 21st century. She eyes him up and down, and insists he’s her ancient lover, Ning Cai Chen.


Annie Chen (Boysitter) returns playing a hopelessly in love ghost, Nie Xiao Qian.

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I like this glare! Can we…. keep it?

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Male lead played by Mo Tzu Yi (Apple In Your Eye, An Innocent Mistake).

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Our fated OTP.

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Our demon hunter played by Christopher Lee (A Good Wife). In the modern time, he’s CEO of a designer company and a psychologist. In truth, he’s a Taoist looking for Nie Xiao Qian.

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Our Tree Demon played by Damian Lau (Limelight Years). I really don’t know what they did to his face… It looks so scary. He has a few problems to settle with our heroine.

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LOL. Tree monster!

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Teresa Daley (IHero).

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Kurt Chou (IHero).

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Press Conference.

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Man, this girl is tall!

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Short Preview + 15-minute Trailer:

Looks like my job nowadays is to find MORE dramas for you guys to watch. Lol. Directed by Qiu Hao Zhou (Qiu Hao Zhou) and Zhang Da Wei, Nie Xiao Qian is a Taiwanese drama with 20 episodes and premieres today. Yes. February 21st, 2016 on CTV. XD

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Annie Chen hunted by Damian Lau in Nie Xiao Qian

    she looks pretty sweet in ancient costumes! how i wish they would stay in that time longer.

    what did they do to damian?? he look like an old robot who wanna be young and chic. lol.

    don’t know the male lead.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Annie Chen hunted by Damian Lau in Nie Xiao Qian

    Annie! Christopher! These two names are enough to pique my interest.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Annie Chen hunted by Damian Lau in Nie Xiao Qian

    The drama is awesome with the exception of Annie Chen’s enunciation. They really should’ve dubbed her. I can’t honestly believe she’s a woman from the ancient time when she enunciates like a 2016 Taiwanese!

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