Period Cdrama ‘Battle of the Beauty’ premieres


Also called Xiao Hong Yan, this period drama explores Master Su’s mysterious death (or is he?) and the love lives of his 5 wives. Damian Lau plays Master Su while Second Young Master is played by Baron Chen (when is he cutting his hair?!), and the leading lady is Hu Jing. She also sings the theme song “Moon Water” for this series. I came across the theme video on youtube and the song sounds really nice, especially with the blend in of water drops here and there. Or maybe I’m just an emo person. *shrugs*

Check it out below!

Theme video, “Moon Water” by Hu Jing

Download Ripped Song Here

Watch the first 8 episodes uploaded by JadedSapphires here. English subtitle is non-existent at this point. If you understand the language, let other fans know whether it’s good or bad. The good words might lure fansubbers in…

  1. 2 thoughts on “Period Cdrama ‘Battle of the Beauty’ premieres

    I am trying to figure out if Damian is wearing a hair piece for this series; when it’s comb down it looks fake but when it’s not then I’m not sure….

    I chuckled reading about Baron’s hair. Maybe there is a clause in his contracts stating he gets to keep his hairstyle no matter what. Ya know Chinese people are very superstitious so if that hairstyle boost his fame then it’s not gonna go away until he runs out of luck. Let’s make a prediction when Baron will finally chop his locks for a new role. And, I truly believe he shed tears ’cause Ella got married without him. Bwahaha~

  2. 2 thoughts on “Period Cdrama ‘Battle of the Beauty’ premieres

    This is hilarious Keane. Guess what? No need to bet anymore. I stumbled upon his new photo shoot released on 4.26.12 with a NEW HAIRCUT!! They heard our prayers way before this post! =D

    The short hairdo cut 10 years off of his face!! So handsome now. Reminds me of a mix between Lee Wan and Won Bin. Now someone needs to cast him as the MAIN lead somewhere.

    I heard about his scandal with Ella, did he really like her? I don’t know the details. 🙂

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