Unrequited Love with Hu Bing Qing and Hu Yi Tian gets green light to air

Adapted from the novel written by Ba Yue Chang An, Unrequited Love (暗恋橘生淮南) stars Hu Bing Qing and Hu Yi Tian. The story follows our heroine’s one-sided romance for her childhood friend for fifteen long years. They are childhood playmates and attend the same school for many years. Beginning in high school, their friendship takes a dim turn as she focuses more on her studies. When they meet again in college, she still carries a burning torch for him. Girllllllll! An excursion to Red Canyon Valley rekindles their friendship and sparks begin to fly ~

From what I know, there’s another drama adaptation of the same novel which aired in 2019 with Zhao Shun Ran and Zhu Yan Man Zi. You can stream it on netflix.

Airing 1/20!

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Wang Yi Bo and Zhang Yi Jie gain superpowers in My Strange Friend

That’s the thing about getting popular. Your dramas get to to see the small screen! Wang Yi Bo’s webdrama My Strange Friend (我的奇怪朋友) wrapped up filming two years ago and was just sitting pretty in the shelf. It follows a group of young adults who are given super powers and how they use their powers to help other people. English-subbed trailer after the jump.

Airing 8/19!

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The King of Blaze with Jing Tian and Bolin Chen to join November broadcast

The King of Blaze or Fire King (火王) is adapted from a Taiwanese comic written by You Su Lan, the second installment to her The Seven Mirrors’ Stories series. There’s a modern version as well ~

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First Impression: What do you think of Untouchable Lovers (Feng Qiu Huang)?

Untouchable Lovers (凤囚凰) is the drama adaptation of the novel Feng Qiu Huang written by Tian Yi You Feng, starring two young faces – Song Wei Long (Long for You) and Guan Xiao Tong (Love of Aurora). Because Yumama had a hand in this project, I’m not sure how novel fans will find the new rewritten story. Lol.

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Jin Dong’s Mr. Right joins January Broadcast, Bai Lu sings for Song Wei Long’s Untouchable Lovers

Our wagons of January dramas ~

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Series Review: It’s Not Easy Being King (Cdrama, 2017)

It’s Not Easy Being King” 《大王不容易》- (aka “King Is Not Easy”) – is an amusing Chinese series about a king who switches bodies with a palace maid and the hijinks that ensue. It’s a short and sweet, twenty episode series that makes for the perfect weekend binge session. These are the first series lead roles for both Zhang Yi Jie and Bai Lu, who make a good comedic pair both in the main story, as well as in a series of short skits at the end of each episode where they play a modern day version of their characters.

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Bolin Chen and Jing Tian continue love story in modern Fire King

Well….. after filming the ancient version known as The King of Blaze, Bolin Chen and Jing Tian have moved on to the modern story of their characters’ reincarnations in 火王之千里同风. King of Blaze has a prequel called Melancholic Princess too but the synopsis doesn’t match up. Apparently, there are three parts to their story: one sets in the ancient times, the next in the Tang dynasty (this one sounds like it’s dropped), and finally in the modern period. They are joined by Zhang Yi Jie (King is Not Easy) and Lai Yu Meng (Go Goal Fighting!).

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Drama themesongs: Nothing Gold Can Stay, King is Not Easy, Attack it, Lightning!

A few dramas are premiering today! Which ones will you be checking out?

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